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War in Ukraine, Kherson region, Sept 2–3, 2022


In compliance with the requirements of our military command, only open information is presented here from Tom Cooper, a constructive professional from Austria who specializes in the analysis of modern warfare, working as the author, illustrator and editor of the Helion & Co. book series. In its turn, Thomas Cooper’s information is based on open Ukrainian, Russian and international sources.

This article contains unofficial information about the state of affairs only in the Kherson region.

Links to the specified localities below are provided on the DeepStateMap map. But keep in mind that according to DeepStateMap’s warning, the front line in the Kherson direction has not been updated since the end of August 2022 and will not be updated until official data from the General Staff of the ZSU are published.

What is it about?

· Kherson. North
· Kherson. Center. Ingulets bridgehead
· Kherson. South
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Kherson. North

  • Vysokopillia: 70–80% of the territory should be under the control of Ukraine, but the russians are still trying to counterattack to save something from their positions, or to withdraw their surviving airborne troops from there (not easy because the Ukrainians are on both flanks of that corridor; so the Ukrainians are still reporting russian attacks on nearby Potemkine which apparently remains under control of Ukraine;
  • Olgyne: Ukrainians are inside, but not yet in control;
  • Novovoznesenske: mostly under Ukrainian control, but the russians may still have a presence in its southwest corner (they have to, otherwise what’s left of the airborne forces in Visokopillia would be cut off);
  • Zolota Balka: Ukrainian, but it remained almost unnoticed by the public;
  • Mykhailivka: Ukrainian, it is 10 km south of Zolotaya Balka along the Dnieper river;

Kherson. Center. Ingulets bridgehead

  • Andriivka: Ukrainian;
  • Lozove: Ukrainian;
  • Suhy Stavok: Ukrainian (all russian reports of regaining control were fiction);
  • Kostromka: was taken under control on Sept 1 by the Ukrainians (the russians report their counterattacks on this place);
  • Bruskinske: Ukrainian; this place was the biggest problem and the reason for that was that on Aug 29–30, the Ukrainians “simply slipped” further to the southeast, in the direction of the T2207 highway; meanwhile, the russians report their counterattacks at this location;
  • Blagodativka : Ukrainian, (update Sept 04, 2022, second half of the day) the enemy announced the loss of Blagodativka.

Kherson. South

  • Zeleny Hai: Ukrainian;
  • Ternovi Pody: Ukrainian;
  • Lubomyrivka: Ukrainian, (update Sept 04, 2022, second half of the day) the enemy announced the loss of Lubomyrivka;
  • Barvinok: Ukrainian;
  • Krutyy Yar: contested;
  • Kyselivka: contested;
  • Blahodatne: contested; Ukrainians are inside, but do not yet control; for example, the russians released UAV video showing artillery strikes on a Ukrainian mechanized unit about 3–4 km west of Blagodatne, leading many to jump to conclusions; however, the video actually showed that the Russian fire was inaccurate and not fast enough: the Ukrainians withdrew, losing one armored personnel carrier;
  • Soldatske: contested;
  • Parysheve: contested;
  • Pravdyne: Ukrainian; in fact, the russians reported that the Ukrainians advanced far past this village, but were then “forced to return to the Blagodatne-Pravdyne line”;
  • Tomyna Balka: Ukrainian; it was the deepest penetration of Ukrainians into this part of the Kherson region, already on the first day of this operation; this seems to have cost the russian airborne forces two of their BTGs (batallion tactical group), both reduced to around 50–60 personnel, russian artillery losses on this front were also heavy;
  • Oleksandrivka (on the coast): Ukrainian; although some russians claim that it is in their hands.
Photo from Vysokopillia, Sept 4, 2022. This is the edge of a settlement, a rural hospital. Ours entered and continue to move on. https://t.me/yigal_levin/303

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