A New Chapter

War Of Crypto
Jan 12, 2019 · 3 min read

What an adventure that was!

Our Early Access sale has officially ended after a 60 day long campaign. These past 60 days have been wonderful and will be marked down as an important chapter in the War of Crypto’s legacy!

At the very beginning going into our Early Access sale, our #1 mission was to spark and grow our community. Without a close community, a game can not survive.

Leading up to the Early Access sale our community forums, such as Telegram and Discord, became very lively and interactive. Once the campaign was live, we began to see lots of community growth and achieving multiple milestones together. This campaign helped us push over 1,000+ Twitter followers and Telegram members who are very supportive and active. It has been so cool seeing a lot of interacting, trading, discussing Hero stats and potential battle strategies. Amazing to see all of these discussions in anticipation of our game.

You all also helped us in achieving a milestone that has blown our minds and 60 days ago we would have thought would have been impossible. Over 7,500+ crystals have been sold in our Early Access sale 🤯 For that, we have to give a MASSIVE thank you! ❤️

You all are incredible help as we pioneer our way through Crypta! The isolated lands of Crypta no longer seem so empty with you all by our side, making this a memorable journey — not just in experiencing everything with you, but in creating. We are beyond excited to see what 2019 has in store for all of our journeys!

So now that Early Access sale campaign is over… what’s next?!


Now that many of you have Heroes in your accounts/wallets, the next logical step is to be able to use them.

Our team has been working very hard the past months on trying to get War of Crypto in Beta in Q1 2019. The Beta will be on iOS and Android for free. Those of you who supported us leading up to Beta will be heavily considered in helping test our game and have it be the best it can be for release!

There are many layers of gameplay and strategy that go into our game so we want to take the appropriate amount of time to game balance and polish. There are still many challenges laying in front of us, but with your continued support, we will conquer those challenges and thrive as pioneers!


Will I still be able to do the Exchange Program?
The last day to submit new exchanges is January 15th. All exchanges submitted before that date will be completed with a War of Crypto team member, even if the exchange itself is done after the 15th.

When will the giveaway winners be announced?
All of our giveaway winners will be announced next week (from this post’s date). You can refer to the giveaway details here: Giveaway Post

When will I get some of my Heroes in my wallet?
Our development team will be doing a final minting round of Heroes sometime next week now that the campaign is over. This minting round will also include the distribution of our 7,500 crystal milestone hero.

7,500 Milestone Hero

War of Crypto

A PvP multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable…

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