Bastet — Egrium’s Majesty

Meet another Early Access sale Hero — Bastet 😺👑. Read about Bastet’s story below to discover how she rules Egrium! Her story ties well with another Hero’s that we revealed recently, Baba. She will be available in our Early Access sale with her Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Bastet’s silver Early Access skin!

All Bastets from Early Access sale will be backed by 65 ENJ with a six percent opening rate.

Bastet’s Story

The powerful leader of Egrium is a controversial figure elsewhere in the Crypta, as Bastet did not earn her throne through wisdom or combat. No election was held. Instead, she was given her place through birthright, a pair of generational royals that would be easy to discount…if not for two key facts: their bloodline has the highest concentration of crypto than any other, and they’re incredibly skillful fighters.

You see, Bastet is loved by those in West Egrium, where royalty and familial power are respected and celebrated. But those on in East Egrium blame the royal for the poverty, accuse them of sending law enforcement to terrorize them, and believe taxes are too high. So they revolt. Often.

Concept art of Bastet’s exclusive Early Access skin

However, Bastet no pushover, and her methods of stopping her palace’s overthrow is the stuff of legends. It’s well-known fact that, rather than call upon their Egrium armies, Bastet goes out alone, defeating assault after assault from thousands of rebel soldiers single-handedly, every time.

Is Bastet and her brother the worst leader on Crypta? They sure are. But you want her on your team. Thankfully, they’ll fight for Crypta to the end.
Concept art of Bastet’s normal skin

I want the royal majesty! How I get her?!
You can get Bastet’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Bastet!

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