Early Access Sale Announcement — War of Crypto

First Pre-Sale Heroes that sold out in less than 40 minutes

November 10th. That’s right! November 10th is the date that War of Crypto’s Early Access sale will go live!

Early Access sale is following up from War of Crypto’s successful pre-sale in which 1,500 crystals were sold out in less than 40 minutes. This new “Early Access” sale will feature 13 brand new Heroes with a total of 26 skins. Each hero in the Early Access sale will be obtainable with boosted IVs in a Normal skin or exclusive Early Access skin. The Early Access skins for these 13 Heroes were exclusively made for this sale and will not be created again post Early Access sale.

Teaser for one of the Heroes that will be in the Early Access sale

Early Access crystals will be sold for $25 each and with a total supply of 15,000 crystals. This will allow everyone to have a chance of experiencing true ownership of a Hero while maintaining the exclusiveness value of pre-sale Heroes.

The goal of this sale is to open the door to new members of the community and to give more opportunities to the ones that have been supporting us during this project. Nearly every day we would be getting new messages from new community members on how they can get a hero and be involved. We also are aware that a lot of early supporters were left out in true ownership of a Hero due to the very limited supply in the first pre-sale.

With this new sale, we hope to grow the community and allow supporters to experience the technology we are bringing forth with Enjin’s wallet. Mass adoption is everyone’s goal here and we want early adopters to be the forefront in helping make history in gaming!

With the Early Access sale, we will be reaching out to all of PokeFind’s and PopularMMOs World’s supporters who have bought and supported our games. This email list consists of over 60,000+ supporters we will be reaching out to and informing about the Early Access sale and asking for their support in helping us grow as a community.

In the following 2 weeks, we will be revealing the Heroes that will be in the Early Access sale leading up to November 10th along with posting a detailed YouTube video of our CEO, Daniel Matias, going over Battling Mechanics and showing the gameplay of it.

What JeromeASF (4.9 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 billion views) had to say about our gameplay 😮🔥

These are very exciting times we are living and we can not thank you all enough for supporting us and helping us push new technology forward!

How much ENJ will be used for minting in Early Access sale?
For every crystal sold, $2.50 will be put towards buying ENJ to go towards a pool of ENJ used for Minting in our heroes. This means that a potential of 1,200,000 ENJ could be used to back up the value of the Early Access heroes. Each hero will have a different minting value like the first pre-sale. We will be revealing throughout the next 2 weeks the mint value of each Hero in the Early Access sale.

How can I buy an Early Access Crystal?
You will first need to create an account on our site: warofcrypto.com

When the sale goes live, you will have 4 payment options at the time of checkout: PayPal, Coinbase, Metamask and Enjin. Please go to the Payments tab on our guide to see how each payment method works.

When will War of Crypto’s beta start?
Our internal goal is the end of Q4 2018 on mobile. However, this can be pushed back to early 2019 if we feel that our current situation is not the way we want them. If it is postponed, we still plan to do a closed Alpha in 2018 to get feedback on the mechanics.

What will the Early Access sale money be used for?
Money raised from Early Access sale will go towards hiring new personnel in helping speed up the development of War of Crypto such as Developers, VFX artists, Modelers, and Designers. We will also put portions of the amount raised towards a marketing pool for beta to pay YouTubers we have worked with on previous projects, such as SSundee.

War of Crypto’s announcement on going Mobile