Exchange Program — Got dupes?

Got dupes? No problem; we got you covered!

Well this gif isn’t exactly accurate, but was too good to pass up on. Anyways, we would like to present you our….

Exchange Program 🔀

Starting on November 17th, you will be able to exchange certain Hero combinations in exchange for another Hero. Since our Early Access sale has a potential of 15,000 Heroes, more duplicates is something that is inevitable.

We set out to create this program so that people can send us their duplicates to complete a certain combination to receive a new hero. All heroes that are sent to us to complete the exchange will be melted and taken out of the ecosystem. Let’s go over these combinations:

Exchange Combinations

Each day leading up to November 17th we will reveal a new combination. You will need the required heroes you see above to receive a new Hero. Since both skin versions of heroes have the same ENJ backing, skins of the heroes submitted do not matter when exchanging.

For example, to get a Snarth, you can send us a 1 Gargone normal skin, 1 Gargone early access skin, and 2 Nix with normal skin.

EDIT: Exchange Program is now live! Please fill out the form to submit your exchange.

Market Value 📈

This program will increase value and demand on all heroes. There will be individuals who will be looking to buy a specific hero, even uncommon tier, so that they can complete an exchange combination. With this program, this should significantly increase demand for those lower tier items. That being said, the higher tier heroes like Rares and Epics will also increase in value as well because they will be needed for the “end goal”.

We are raising the water so all ships rise

Scarcity 📉

Something that is worth noting again is that when heroes are exchanged with us, the heroes we receive are melted and taken out of the ecosystem. Going off the example mentioned above about the skins, those 2 Gargones and 2 Nixes exchanged for a Snarth would be melted once we receive them. That means the scarcity of all heroes will increase, which will increase market value, especially when the game is released!

Community Interaction 🤝

From the very beginning, the Early Access sale’s main goal was to build out our community and having a program that encourages that is very important to us. With the exchange program, we strongly believe it will encourage community interaction and others helping each other out in trying to complete a combination set.

Diversify ➗

We feel it is important for early adopters to go into Beta with a well diverse team of exclusive heroes. It opens up more doors for team combos. Also, when entering Beta you will be able to show off a wide variety of skinned Heroes to normal players. Overall, it is better to go into beta with different, unique heroes versus having the duplicated, unique heroes.

Gamification 👾

As gamers, we see this program being like a small game. This encourages you to be creative in how you can obtain the heroes needed to complete a combination and see how far you can go up the combination ladder and reach the end goal.

When will this program end?
The exchange program will end 5 days after the Early Access sale. Early Access sale ends either when all 15,000 crystals are sold or 45 days after November 10th.

How do I do an exchange?
If you have the required heroes to complete a combination, please email us at

How do I get a Hero?
You can get a Hero by heading over to our site ( > Login > click “Shop” tab. You can learn more about our Early Access sale here.

Mass adoption is everyone’s goal here and we want early adopters to be the forefront in helping make history in gaming — if you’d like to join us, hop over to our Telegram channel and say hi.