Gargone —Deskarus’s Gargoyle

Meet another Early Access sale Hero that is now available on our site — Gargone. Read about Gargone’s story below to see how he became Deskarus’s gargoyle protecting the dead! Gargone is available in our Early Access sale with its Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Gargone’s exclusive Early Access skin!

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Gargone’s Story

Moonlight’s shadow-maker. Protector of the at-peace. Restless watcher of our restful warriors. Respect is the reason the dead should be respected. And Gargone is the reason they will be.

Born in a cemetery in the heart of Deskarus to a grave digging mother and an estranged father, Gargone spent much of his days tracing the names on tombstones while wondering about death. He found comfort in the listening ears of those who had passed on, and as he grew older, he formed friendships with some of the regular visitors, who spoke of the great bravery and sacrifices made by those buried beneath.

Concept art of Gargone’s exclusive Early Access skin on all evolutions

But one morning, Gargone woke to find the family graveyard ransacked, and his mother beaten to the brink of death by the graverobbers she caught in the act. Bodies were unburied and their crypto stolen, and early-morning mourners arrived to an unimaginable desecration. Because those small bits of crypto are buried with loved ones to enshrine their souls forever.

From that morning on, Gargone vowed to spend his nights guarding those who could no longer protect themselves.

That way, no matter who come to do the vulnerable harm, they will be met with the stealth, speed, and ferocity of one of Deskarus’s most fearsome and determined soldiers.

Any Centrized coming in for an easy take? Well, you’ll have a master of the night to contend with.

Concept art of Gargone’s normal skin on all evolutions

I want cute Gargone! How can I get it?!
You can get Gargone’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Gargone!

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