Goard — World’s First Playable Multiverse Hero

War Of Crypto
Nov 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Imagine using a War of Crypto Hero in more than one game. 🤔

A moment where you can use that Hero in one game and jump into another game with that same Hero.

Well… that time has come!

We are proud to present you all the world’s first functional multiverse item, Goard!

Utilizing Enjin’s blockchain technology, Goard will be the first character that users can progress and advance by playing multiple games! Goard originates as a War of Crypto hero, which will be available in the Early Access sale on November 10th, and once obtained can be used in a Minecraft universe, PokéFind.

While Goard originates from War of Crypto, Goard owners will be able to use his multiverse powers and be able to battle him against Pokémon and other Minecraft players on PokéFind as soon as November 10th.

Instead of writing about how this all works, let me show you!

Video showcasing Goard’s multiverse powers

If you happen to get a Goard, please make sure to email use at info@warofcrypto.io with your Minecraft username, War of Crypto email address and username.

Goard’s Story

When the Centrized first arrived and realized taking this planet would be a real challenge, they began adding some soldiers to their ranks, starting with those who were already evil on Crypta, and then making a few of their own.

Goard is a case of the latter, a creature crafted by Iratus from the side of a Deskarus cliff and held together by some of the densest crypto in the known universe.

This crypto’s energy is so immense, it not only holds his unimaginably heavy arms with ease, but it can swing them around with blinding speed.

Concept art of Goard’s normal skin (left) and exclusive Early Access skin (right)

I know what you’re thinking: just knock him over! But simply trying to push Goard off his feet has claimed more than a few lives.

Goard may well be the Centrized perfect warrior — he has no past, no prejudice, no lust for power. He is instead an amoral hunk of earth and crypto that wants nothing more than to make Iratus, his creator, proud.

So if you see him coming, you should probably hide. (Running just makes him angry.)

Well there you have it, another Early Access sale Hero — Goard. There couldn’t have been a better Hero to make history in gaming! This amoral hunk of earth and crypto will make sure he is noticed no matter what game he being played in.

All Goards from Early Access sale will be backed by 190 ENJ with a two percent opening rate, roughly 300 multiverse Goards if all crystals are sold.

Have fun traveling between games Goard! 🚀

Mass adoption is everyone’s goal here and we want early adopters to be the forefront in helping make history in gaming — if you’d like to join us, hop over to our Telegram channel and say hi.

War of Crypto

A PvP multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable, tradeable Heroes. Prepare for War ⚔️

War Of Crypto

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War of Crypto

A PvP multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable, tradeable Heroes. Prepare for War ⚔️

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