Iratus — the Leader of Centrized

Meet the highest ENJ backked Early Access sale Hero — Iratus. Read about Iratus’s story below to discover how he became the leader of Centrized! He will be available in our Early Access sale with his Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Iratus’s exclusive Early Access skin!

All Iratus from Early Access sale will be backed by 6,000 ENJ with a 0.67 percent opening rate, roughly 100 Iratus if all crystals sold.

But yes, you heard that correct! Iratus is backed by 6,000 ENJ 😮

Iratus’s Story

Born into royalty among the Centrized, Iratus is as evil as he looks. And even though he inherited the throne from his father, his leadership makes his whole bloodline look like kittens in comparison.

A rumor that’s whispered among other Centrized is that Iratus killed his father to take power, but however the throne was relinquished, it came in the wake of an argument over intergalactic domination.

Even as a young child, Iratus had always been fascinated by how much power Crypto held. And knowing that there’s a stockpile of it on thousands of planets across the Galaxy, he pushed for the Centrized to go after it year after year…to avail.

Being ignored is frustrating to anyone. But to someone as evil, motivated, and powerful as Iratus, frustration can be downright world-ending.

He used it to gain a reputation for unrelenting brutality and unforgivable apathy for anyone he went up against, even his closest cohorts. The more disinterested someone was in fighting, the more Iratus wanted to fight them. The better at fighting, the more Iratus wanted them dead.

And the moment he took power, his long-imagined intergalactic conquest began, leading the Centrized in the extraction of the highly-coveted Crypto from hundreds of planets.

Next stop? The planet with more Crypto than any other — Crypta.

Concept art of Iratus’s normal skin (left) and exclusive Early Access skin (right)

I want Iratus so bad! How I get him?!
You can get Iratus’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Iratus!

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