Nix — the Coldest of the South

Meet another Early Access sale Hero that is now available on our site — Nix. Read about Nix’s story below to see how he he terrorizes the south! Nix is available in our Early Access sale with its Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Nix’s exclusive Early Access skin!

All Nixes from Early Access sale are backed by 17 ENJ with an eleven point three percent opening rate.

Nix’s Story

Cold. Ice cold. The coldest, baddest beast to roam Brioz Whait. And if you don’t believe it, consider this: seeing Nix coming striking fear into the weak and pumps adrenaline into the brave.

Yet he’ll stroll up to your well-guarded fortress in broad daylight, his pitch-blue fur starkly contrasting the bright white snow. Then he’ll charge, using the spears and arrows that are thrown his way as toothpicks until he gets to the front line. And when it’s all over, he’ll be hard to spot: his fur blends in well when he’s surrounded by dried blood.

Concept art of Nix’s exclusive Early Access skin on all evolutions

But that’s when he wants rumors to spread about his strength outside of the South. Normally, he’s just forcing all residents of the icy tundra to hand over the little crypto they may have while tearing apart heroes that stand in his way.

A welcomed ally of the Centrized, Nix quickly became a key warrior in the destruction of South Crypta, a place he resents for its, in his words: “Soft air.” In fact, it’s rumored that Nix’s heart is so cold, its death would bring springtime to Brioz Whait for the first time in millennia.

But if you want to be the one to take him down, be forewarned: if you hear his howl, it means he’s already picked up your scent.

Concept art of Nix’s normal skin on all evolutions

I want ferocious Nix! How can I get it?!
You can get Nix’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Nix!

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