Panshao — the Kung Fu Master

Today, our first Early Access sale Hero has been revealed — Panshao. Panshao will be available in our Early Access sale with his Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Panshao’s golden Early Access skin!

All Panshaos from Early Access sale will be backed by 210 ENJ with a one percent opening rate, roughly 150 Panshaos if all crystals sold.

Panshao’s Story

When he’s not chewing pensively on the end of a stick of bamboo (that can always double as a weapon if it needs to), Panshao is training, warming up, or winning battles. His life revolves around his art of combat and weaponry, a method of blocking out his troubled past.

A wild cub, Panshao was abandoned by his parents for being too much to handle, but they left him with a small piece of Crypto to “help keep him safe.”

Concept art of Panshao’s exclusive Early Access skin on both evolutions

Reeling from the ultimate betrayal, a young Panshao took to the streets and became somewhat of a legend among the local youth, who feared him for his unnaturally superior power. You could argue that Panshao needed to abuse the power of the Crypto to survive, but it was a troubling corruption that caught the attention of a meditating Holo.

With the promise of becoming more powerful (and no longer having to fight to eat), Holo was able to convince Panshao to leave his life behind and study at his dojo. But even Holo’s way with words didn’t do much to quell Panshao’s frequent fights with other students outside of the ring.

Luckily, Holo has a way with actions too — by taking Panshao aside and helping him harness Crypto power beyond his ability to control it, a powerful blast of energy sent the young cub flying hard against a wall.

Panshao stormed out, feeling betrayed by a parental figure for the second time. But as he packed his bags to leave, he realized that Holo taught him a crucial lesson: he’s pretending to be in control by trying to control everything around him. What he really needs to do is control himself.

And from that day forward, he focused on doing exactly that!

Panshao is now a master of every form of fighting performed on Crypta. He respects the Crypto power to the point where he centers his combat around using it just enough for what each individual move calls for. And there are few warriors who you’d rather have on your side, if for no other reason than he’d be a very powerful enemy.

Concept art of Panshao’s normal skin on both evolutions

I want cute Panshao! How I get him?!
You can get Panshao’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Panshao!

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