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Mystery Egg Information: Wondrous-X is on the way!

Congrats to all MWAD holders. We have some special gifts for you! 🥚

What is a mystery egg? 🥚

Mystery egg or the official name is Wondrous-X, is the NFT collection on Optimism. Wondrous-X is a NFT collection in the 2nd phase of MetaWarden story, it is the creation of MetaWarden to bring back various species from Earth to their homeland to study. Wondrous-X will be claimable for MetaWarden holders.

Snapshot Detail


Now Wondrous-X is in the security review phase.

Levels of the Eggs and How to level up

Wondrous-X comes with 4 levels of egg and 5 species

1st Level: The Egg

The egg is the level that holders of MetaWarden who have got a snapshot from 31st July will be claimable. In this level the egg will be an unrevealed version. Holders of the egg will be able to participate in the event/activity to choose the species which is represented by color to upgrade the egg to the 2nd level.

2nd Level: Origin

The egg will be separated by the color which represents the species of the egg. Each species (color) will be categorized in a different pattern to separate the type in that species. Holders of the egg will be unable to change the species. This level of the egg will automatically upgrade to the 3rd level when it is revealed.

3rd Level: Classic

After revealing the 2nd level of the egg. In this level, it will transform into theา Wondrous-X, which represents the species and shows some attributes of the type in each species. To upgrade from 3rd level to the 4th level, the holder of the Wondrous-X needed to merge the Wondrous-X together to upgrade into the 4th level.

4th Level: Epic


How to claim

The number of Wondrous-x to claim will be directly equal to the number of MetaWarden you hold on the snapshot date (as mentioned above). The date to start the claiming process will be announced soon.

Intro to Wondrous-X story

From millions of years ago, MetaWarden arrived on the Earth planet. They came for the mission of bringing samples of living species from Earth. They spend a long time studying and researching until they have created something, the eggs of various living species from Earth. When the time came, they left the Earth with the egg to go back to their homeland, but something they didn’t expect happened, something that will change the whole journey !!

Be ready for the journey 🫡



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