Yesterday’s LAN Parties Are Today’s Gaming Communities

If you remember this picture, it will probably be the greatest story a seasoned gamer will ever tell. From basement PC or console LAN parties to internet cafes, there’s no denying that gamers gathering in a common-place was the best time and will have its place in the life of gaming for as long as video games exist.


Source: Reddit -”This was almost 10 years ago in my parents living room. Can you tell which one is me? I miss those days.”

The best thing about the LAN parties or internet cafes is its ability to connect gamers, not just online, but off-line as well. Any gamer who attends or has attended these events will tell you that it’s quite the experience. Moreover, they have expressed that playing with a group of people in the same room is more satisfying than playing by yourself with people online.

Creating a bridge between gamers and gaming communities.

What doesn’t surprise us is the evolution of LAN parties transforming into what we now would like to call “gaming communities” and that there are a lot more of these communities being created everywhere.

The problem is — how do you find them? The most likely and obvious answers one would be receiving is: “look online”, “search it on google”, or even “look it up on reddit.” Well, that’s just an additional problem, isn’t it?

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