Theresa May: Frustrated Philanthropist?

Our PM is frustrated she can’t…the US, but not us.

On the day that the public inquiry into Grenfell begins —and 150 families are still living in hotels — apparently Theresa May is a bit angry that an international law is preventing aid from the UK getting to storm victims in the US. She feels “frustrated” that she is unable to help with a sense of urgency.


Would that be like all the “frustrated” families from Grenfell that still don’t have a home to go to, three months after the disaster?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” public sector workers who have suffered a real-term pay cut for seven years?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” disable people having much needed state support ripped from them in the cuts?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” homeless children who just want somewhere to call home and to know what is for dinner this evening?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” zero-hours contract workers propping up her employment statistics?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” nurses who work above, beyond, and them some…but then need food banks to feed their family?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” head teachers trying to work out which staff they need to sack to make the required cuts?

Would that be like all the “frustrated” hard working migrant families who have committed their life to the UK, only to be stabbed in the back?

Would that be like every single one of us in the UK who is sick to death of the self-serving Tory party who lie, cheat, and betray us all, every day, and hide under the nonsense, so-called “democracy” she abuses?

Perhaps Theresa May should get her own house in order before whining about the rest of the street.


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