War In Ukraine
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War In Ukraine

Russo-Ukraine War Assessment: Week of 17 April to 25April

Note: this is a somewhat shorter update than I had originally intended due to work and personal commitments.


Here is the ISW assessment for 25 April.

So… Russia is still doing Russia things and doing them badly. At this point the only thing surprising about this is how often we seem to repeat this observation.

Despite concentrating forces in Eastern Ukraine for an offensive earlier this week, the Russians continue their display of total…



There is a great deal going on in Ukraine, and given the volume of information, it is hard to know what it all means. This series is an attempt to cut through the noise and help understand the war in Ukraine and the long term impacts to the region and the world.

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Eric Balough

Former infantry officer, and current military analyst. Lover of coffee, dogs, Jeeps, hockey and my family.