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Be a Human. We’ll All Forgive You for it.

On a very hot, very humid day in July I struggled to find words when asking a co-worker a question. We had a good laugh about it but the whole day I just felt off. I felt light-headed and I struggled to verbalize what direction I was trying to give. This was all unusual for me and a little frustrating.

Three hours later I headed home for the day.

It’s always so hard for me to leave early. It’s MY store, MY responsibility. I want to make sure the team is taken care of. The floor coverage is up to par. I tried everything I could think of to snap out of it: drank coffee, drank water, bought a lemonade, ate a sandwich. Nothing worked.

I partnered with our Assistant Manager and planned out the day so I could leave early.

So, what happened? Did the store burn down? No. Did everyone get breaks? Did the Assistant Manager take care of everyone and make our payroll goal? Yes.

We tend to put a lot on ourselves as leaders. We push ourselves and we don’t want to let our teams down. But I’ll tell you what, we are all human and we need to take care of ourselves just like we would our teams. It’s important to show our teams that we treat ourselves with compassion. Why would anyone want to be a Store Manager if we show them that you have to work while being sick? Or that you don’t trust anyone else to run the floor?

We need to know when to let go. Give the reins to someone else. Take care of ourselves and our health so that we may come back stronger and support our teams. Each time I do this I am thrilled at how the team steps up. They know what they need to do and they bring it home, every time.

The next time you’re unsure if you can afford to take a day off, let me tell you, you can. Show your team that you’re a human and empower them to do their best.



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Kit Campoy

Kit Campoy

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