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It Wasn’t A Good Year, But Not All Is Lost

Don’t waste good lessons — especially for the price we have all paid dearly.

Agnes Louis
Jan 1 · 6 min read
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I stood by my open window and stared at the rain for the longest time today.

Feeling the wind, the light spray of the rainwater on my face. Listening to the sound of raindrops on the leaves, pondering.

It rained last night too, as my husband and I headed out to my aunt’s home. The last day of the year.

It’s raining again today. And it still is as I’m typing this.

Nothing but the sound of rain and the gentle breeze streaming through the open window.

A new beginning.

A clean page.

A restart button has been pressed.

It’s 1PM.

I’ve been on Medium for a bit, checking some messages on my social media and I’ve come across several narratives essentially saying the same thing — “2020 sucks”.

Everyone is eager to leave 2020 behind, casting it off as the villain of the century. The worst year.

I share similar sentiment.

2020 has been tough would be the understatement of the year.

I had trouble getting married and was nearly deported and separated from my partner. I had to postpone my wedding and haven’t been able to see my family for the longest time.

Despite all the trials and tribulations though, I have gained experiences — valuable knowledge and insights.

Among many things, I’ve learned:

  • what truly matters in life (it’s neither money nor status),
  • not to take things for granted and appreciate the little things in life more,
  • everything we’ve ever had, every little thing, is a privilege,
  • we as a race, are way way kinder and way way more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

Although 2020 was not a good year, it has blessed me with a loving caring husband and a job after I tried unsuccessfully to get one (a job, not a husband) for nearly 2 years.

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Our wedding day. ©Agnes Louis

2020 has also blessed my brother with a lovely kind-hearted young lady, a relationship I look forward to see blossom into something good.

Let’s also not forget that one of the most powerful, multi-cultural countries in the world finally kicked out a mad orange dude who slowly went unhinged, slowly morphing into a dictator and bringing a great nation down with him in the process.

I think that’s a gift from 2020 we should all remember for years to come — to remind us what can happen when we let down our guard and let hate in.


After centuries of oppression and ignorance. After years and years of trying to raise one united front.

I thought I was aware of what was happening.
I thought I’ve been doing something to help.
I thought I’ve made efforts to bring about change.

2020 was a slap across my ignorant face.

Our journey is far from over. On the contrary, it has just begun.

We barely scratch the surface, only taking a tiny little step in the year past.

We have a lot of work to do, a big battle to fight.

But we have started.

Let’s not forget what happened in 2020.
Let’s keep going.

I would like to thank 2020 for restoring my faith in humanity.

Yes, it had been a shitty year.

Not only because many of us lost our ability to travel, to see our loved ones.

Not only because many of us were locked down, forced to adopt and adapt to a new way of life.


God, so many lives. So so many lives.

I pray, Lord I pray.

I pray that those who lost the battle found peace in their eternal slumber.

I pray that those who have been left behind are granted the strength and fortitude to accept and cope.

Not all is lost, no.

From all the losses and deep sorrow, a light shone.

Like a rainbow after the rain (which I’m keeping an eye out for at the moment (it’s still raining)).

All the movements — hands reaching out to our fellow brothers and sisters in need regardless of all our differences. Deep inside, we are all good.

I have so much hope for humanity, for us.

As long as there are people out there willing to wear a mask despite the inconvenience, stay at home despite the urge to go out and party, do something good for their neighbors, for strangers they don’t even know, we have hope.

We have each other.

I will never ever forget that and neither should you.

Wearing my rose-tinted glasses

It’s been raining all day, and it’s still raining.

It’s the kind of weather where you just want to snuggle in bed, wrapped up in your warm blanket with a cup of hot coffee/tea/chocolate (I’m all for all 3).

There are two ways we can view this rainy first day of the year.

  1. Oh my God, why does it have to rain? Everything is wet, muddy and dirty. I can’t have a nice day out to celebrate the first day of the year. Instead of having a lovely walk in the park, starting my new year resolution to live healthier, I am stuck in my home.
  2. The weather is so good — it’s the perfect excuse not to do anything.
    — Aggy’s (me) wise husband.

It’s pretty obvious which view I opted for.

Same thing goes for 2020.

We can all lament on how shit of a year it was, focusing all our attention and energy on all the bad things that had happened, wasting our time remembering how crappy the year had been.

Or we can thank the Universe for humbling us, showing us that no matter how advanced and powerful we think we are with our technological advancement and innovations, in the end, Mother Nature has the last say and She is NOT indestructible.

I choose the latter.

I choose to learn my lessons. To remember all the good things and the insights I have gained from the bad things.

Let’s not condemn 2020 for all the hard times it has given us.

Final Thought

Today marks the new beginning for all of us. New chapters to write, new adventures to explore.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thank you for the good year, the kind year you’ve so kindly been a part of.

Thank you for showing me what humanity is and what it means.

You reached out when I need you the most, even when we have never talked in person or met each other face to face.

I wish you all a great year ahead, a wonderful joyful time with yourself and your loved ones.

May this brand new year of 2021 brings you everything your heart desires and everything you need to survive and thrive in this world.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Amy Marley, one of many lovely human beings in this platform —

I look forward to walk 2021 with all of you.

Happy New Year, wonderful souls.

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Happy New Year, everyone! ©Agnes Louis

Another greeting from me to you:

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Warm Hearts

Inspiring us to be kinder. One story at a time.

Agnes Louis

Written by

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

Warm Hearts

Sharing pieces of kindness and compassion, aiming to inspire a kinder, better world. One poem, one story at a time.

Agnes Louis

Written by

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

Warm Hearts

Sharing pieces of kindness and compassion, aiming to inspire a kinder, better world. One poem, one story at a time.

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