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Warm Hearts

Light Burden

And the burden we carry will be lighter

“Courtesy of the Author”

For the love we love
For forgiveness, we don’t deny
And all the tears we have to cry
In our greatest tribulation
The world will be more beautiful
And our hearts will be tender
And the burden we carry will be lighter.

Before the sun goes down
Before it’s too late
Contemplate the burning horizon
And lay your anger on the ground
So your burden will be light
Whatever the travel
At any day or any time
It may be in a distant future
Or it may be right now.




Sharing pieces of kindness and compassion, aiming to inspire a kinder, better world. One poem, one story at a time.

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Misa Ferreira de Rezende

Misa Ferreira de Rezende

I write because the world enchants me, death frightens me and life amazes me. I am a writer. “About me” stories

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