2 December 2022

Gavin Freeguard
Warning: Graphic Content
11 min readDec 2, 2022


See you in 2023!

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — when your inbox stops creaking from data-based geeking and I give you a few weeks off the newsletter for good behaviour. (Or rather, realise how much work and singing I have to do over the next few weeks and, for once, decide to be sensible/try to actually watch some of the World Cup.)

Wales’ highlights from the men’s football World Cup [image of old BBC Test Card]

Thank you for sticking with the overload of links and surfeit of insufferable puns for another year. The newsletter will be back in January (with the long-promised analysis of the reader survey of a few months back, I’m sure you can barely contain your excitement — but thank you again to everyone who filled out the form or otherwise got in touch). I’m also on Twitter (if it’s still there) and Mastodon (hopefully finding some time at some point to give it a proper go).

Some things to look out for between now and next year:


Have a wonderful Christmas, and an excellent start to 2023!

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