22 April 2022

Easter parade

The Easter break means fewer links, so this week’s Warning: Graphic Content is shorter than usual (some might even say of an actually readable length).

Is it really time for another week’s newsletter? Emmanuel Macron reacts

So let’s get straight to it — after a few bits and pieces:

And aside from the shameless plugs:

  • A few weeks ago, there were various links on the difficulties of using parliament’s register of financial interests. There may be some progress.
  • If you enjoyed the Gender Pay Gap bot (which used open data to highlight the gender pay gap of those organisations tweeting about International Women’s Day), you may also enjoy Net Zero Check today, which is Earth Day.
  • And it looks like those of us in the UK have a new Data Protection Bill to look forward to. Good luck, everyone.

Have a good weekend

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Today’s links:

Graphic content


Viral content

Climate of fear




Meta data



A farewell to harms

AI got ‘rithm

Viral content

UK government

Everything else


And finally…



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