4 November 2022

Gavin Freeguard
Warning: Graphic Content
7 min readNov 4, 2022


It’s quizness time

Yes, the sparkly gold jacket is out of the wardrobe. The contestants — Full Fact’s Andy Dudfield and Tony Blair Institute for Global Change’s Kirsty Innes — are ready (and regretting their life choices). The questions have (pretty much) been written…

Title sequins: It’s nearly time for episode 3 of The Data Game [photo of gold sequin jacket]

Join me at the ODI Summit next Tuesday, 8 November, for episode 3 of The Data Game, the world’s first and best (and only) data gameshow. There is of course lots of other exciting stuff going on at the summit. And you can watch episode 1 (from the 2021 ODI Summit) and episode 2 (from the Alan Turing Institute’s AIUK 2022) in the meantime.

A few other things:

Have a good weekend

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