9 February 2024

Gavin Freeguard
Warning: Graphic Content
2 min readFeb 9, 2024


Data policy, sausages, R, and meet-ups

Hello, and a belated happy new year to you!

This year marks a decade since Warning: Graphic Content emerged blinking into the world — and it’s just over a year since I put the newsletter on indefinite hiatus. Cutting to the chase: that hiatus will continue. Thanks for staying on this subscriber list nonetheless (though I wouldn’t blame you for leaving it!).


Lots to Digest: a screenshot of my latest Data Policy DIgest for Connected by Data, https://connectedbydata.org/news/2024/02/05/data-policy-digest

If you were mainly signed up for news about key data developments, rather than the data visualisation*, then you should sign up for the Data Policy Digest I’m now writing for Connected by Data. It has all the latest on data and AI policy every fortnight or so — the latest edition was published earlier this week (just before the government finally published its response to the consultation on its AI White Paper). We’ve also got an online event next week you might be interested in.

I’ve also just published my latest year note — some reflections on and links to all the work I did in 2023. Including an explanation of why ‘sausages’ is one of the words in the title of this email.

Three other things to share for now:

Anyway, do keep in touch — I’m most easily reachable via this email address and am now on Blue Sky, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend

*If you were here for the dataviz, there’s a big list of newsletters here. A particular recommendation for Quantum of Sollazzo.