War of Ants Marches Into the Enjin Multiverse

We‘re excited to share that War of Ants has officially joined the Enjin Multiverse! Join the colony and learn more about our upcoming PvP mobile strategy game.

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4 min readJun 24, 2020


We are pleased to announce that War of Ants has joined the Enjin Multiverse Program as an official adopter!

This program allows developers to be a part of the world’s first blockchain gaming multiverse, an unparalleled experience of interoperability, where players can use their items and characters across a variety of gaming worlds.

We are excited to not only integrate Enjin Multiverse assets (gaming items supported by an ever-growing community of Enjin games) but also to explore the many collaborative opportunities for gameplay enabled by working alongside such a forward-thinking group of game developers.

Creating tokenized assets backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ) mean players will have true ownership of their ant troops and squadrons as they march to war—and will be able to trade and sell them freely.

About War of Ants

War of Ants is a real-time PvP mobile strategy game fueled by war.

Each player takes charge as the queen of their ant colony and must compete with other colonies throughout the world through conquest and trial by combat.

The PvP experience requires a ticket to start a battle with another player. These tickets can be claimed in a daily reward or purchased directly from the in-game market using scrap-bits (an in-game resource).

Once a battle has been initiated and the ant queens head into war with their armies, players must see the engagement through to triumphal glory or dismal defeat.

Victory in this conflict can be achieved either by retrieving a chest positioned at the center of the battlefield and drawing it back to your queen—or by reaching and killing the enemy queen.

Beyond waging war, Colony Mode will enable players to tend to and scale up their colony’s base. This will ensure your ants continue to labor upon their return from conflict and help build your home base.

As you successfully farm with aphids, fend off raids, craft items, and amass increasingly rare assets — you might just build an empire renowned throughout the insect world!

Why did we choose Enjin?

We have always wanted to be a part of the blockchain gaming revolution, empowering players with true ownership of their digital assets and delivering enhanced gameplay experiences.

When it comes to blockchain game development tools, the Enjin Platform is the unsurpassed leader in this space, both in terms of ease-of-integration and proven application across a large collection of games.

Enjin integration is allowing us to revitalize the War of Ants gaming experience.

The most exciting part of this collaboration is that all Enjin-based assets earned or purchased by players in War of Ants are not kept on the game’s servers, but instead are stored safely in players’ private and secure Enjin Wallets—their blockchain game inventory.

This means that items can be freely traded or gifted between players and benefit from decentralized digital trading hubs, such as the Enjin Marketplace!

Marching Onward

War of Ants is set in a rustic-themed world that will continue to evolve and expand as our developer team continuously works to add exciting new features to the game.

We will soon be launching Closed Beta in Q3 2020, allowing early players to enjoy full Enjin integration, with the ability to use their blockchain inventory in-game!

If you’re interested in becoming a Beta tester, be sure to join the colony on Telegram and register!

We look forward to the future of War of Ants and hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

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