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Commitment to transparency: NFTs

Open letter regarding NFTs and WarpLight

It’s me again, hi!

It’s certainly been awhile since my last open letter, and I have been resting on some thoughts for quite awhile now. As the title of this page implies, it will be focusing on our commitment to transparency in regards to NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens.

I won’t be going into detail about what NFTs are, how they work, or the vast array of topics surrounding them, as they are all readily available online. I will simply be going over my thoughts about their involvement within WarpLight and our services.

The concept of NFTs in general is quite compelling; one-of-a-kind digital content with scarcity, each one having their own unique traits. However, there are also downsides to consider as well. From the amount of power required to process these NFTs, to the rise of theft from bad actors, it’s developed a bad taste in people’s mouths.

I am personally split in regards to supporting or denying them. As someone who is very interested in the progression of technology, from AR, VR, the metaverse, quantum computing, and everything in-between, NFTs just doesn’t quite fit into my interests at the moment due to the implementation of them and the consequences of such. As I mentioned earlier, while they are unique in their own right, I cannot see myself supporting them anytime soon, and this also applies to my involvement within WarpLight as a project manager and founder.

I cannot, and will not, support or encourage the integration of NFTs into the WarpLight ecosystem.

I would like to elaborate this decision. While I am not opposed to people coming to Atmos to discuss or share NFTs in any capacity, I will not allow us to incorporate any NFT related functionality into any part of the WarpLight ecosystem, which includes Atmos and our upcoming messaging service, Rapid. I am not only making this decision personally, but also in the interest of the public and our users.

Atmos is designed from the ground up to be free of trackers, ads, and other unethical activities that may undermine our developing reputation. I feel that if we choose to integrate NFTs into our services, it would completely destroy our commitment to good ethics. We would rather spend that time developing new features such as new icon shapes, expanding our operations with the help of WarpLight Quantum, or continuing our development of Horizon Max, a much needed update to the existing Horizon design language that improves readability across all devices.

I will not be surprised if this announcement invokes negative responses from some users, but it is well worth the cost to share this with those who do care about such decisions, and especially those who wish to choose a platform that’s driven by good ethics.

After all, we only have one world to live on, one atmosphere to share, and we should be mindful of what we do with it while we’re here.

I’ll see you again in 2022 with tons of things to share throughout the year, and until then, stay safe!




We’re developing the next generation of services for those who are ready to move to user-centric, privacy-focused ecosystems that were made for each other, by design, for everyone, everywhere.

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