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Daydream: next-gen camera

Our vision for a futuristic camera interface

Welcome to the next daydream, in a future far, far away,

Where software complements hardware,

In a unique kind of way,

But beware,

Ours will eventually be the best.

Other cameras within apps feel lame, boring, old, last-gen as hell.

One abstracts:

Another conceals:

We’ll push boundaries to make the old feel new again.

There’s subtle touches like a photo tray that lets each new photo slide into a preview area, without ripping you out of your flow.

Icons move with you and your device, in harmony with gravity.

Plus, it doubles as a photo counter for our apps that need one.

Tapping it brings you to what you’ve taken.

Our designs are bold, and each element emphasizes their action and status.

Built on Horizon, it’s familiar, easy to navigate, and always within reach.

Someday in the future, we’ll make this daydream a reality, but until then, we’ll continue to utilize new web technologies to help close the gap between websites and mobile apps.

Until then, here’s to another 3 years of Atmos, happy anniversary!




We’re developing the next generation of services for those who are ready to move to user-centric, privacy-focused ecosystems that were made for each other, by design, for everyone, everywhere.

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UI & UX designer, IT & networking infrastructure professional with 30+ IT certifications, founder of WarpLight which develops next-gen web services

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