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Introduction to security bulletins | WarpLight commitment to data security

How we plan on protecting you and your data

WarpLight is a group of inspired developers wishing to change the world, with services made for everyone, everywhere.

In addition to that, WarpLight is a relatively new group with a potentially lower level of trust in comparison to other companies which may have been in their fields for years. In this article, we wish to reassure our community about our commitment to transparency, as well as our commitment to data security.

Atmos, our social media platform designed to be free of ads and other trackers, is an example of a service which relies heavily on trust. People share their lives online more than ever when compared to the past, and when doing so, some people may be putting themselves at risk of attack or other types of targeted activities. We aim to provide users with the tools to control what and where they share certain information, such as birthdays, follower or following counts, first names, last names, and everything in-between.

WarpLight services are designed to become better over time through continuous updates delivered instantaneously, but sometimes we may make a mistake, or an incident may occur that might compromise user data. As part of our commitment to transparency, we will be utilizing Medium and other platforms to inform users of security events or other notices. We hope this will help develop trust in our group going forward, as we continue to pursue our goal to disrupt the industry which has recently gone stagnant.




We’re developing the next generation of services for those who are ready to move to user-centric, privacy-focused ecosystems that were made for each other, by design, for everyone, everywhere.

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Self-employed UI & UX design, IT & networking professional carrying 30+ IT certifications, founder of WarpLight which develops next-gen web services

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