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May 2022 development update

An update on our upcoming release schedule

Welcome to May!

As you may know, we previously announced some new and upcoming changes to Atmos on mobile devices, ranging from several bug-fixes to multiple design and UI updates to further enhance the user experience.

Additionally, we’ve recently announced some upcoming changes and new features for Atmos that will take effect on all devices, including support for push notifications on Android devices and PCs, video support, as well as significantly higher media upload capacities, letting you post up to 300MB and up to 480MP of image media across 30 individual images in one post.

We expected to release the much anticipated mobile updates by the end of June, however, we’re still working on it. In order to maintain our commitment to quality, we’ll be rescheduling the release of our mobile update to be included with a future update, which will not only include the new mobile changes, but also the previously mentioned features which will be available later this year on all platforms.

This extra time will allow us to not only continue our commitment to dedicated hardware testing across various types of devices, but also to ensure that these new features will operate flawlessly on day-one, no matter which device you choose to use.

We hope you’ll stick with us as we continue our development on Atmos, enabling it to live up to its motto: “The next-gen social network that’s out of this world.”

We’ll see you again in the future once we’ve got new things to share; until then!




We’re developing the next generation of services for those who are ready to move to user-centric, privacy-focused ecosystems that were made for each other, by design, for everyone, everywhere.

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