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From future video support to push notifications on the go

Time flies

Just within the last two months, we’ve announced quite the handful of new features that are now in the pipeline, expected to be released over the coming months through various platform updates.

In April, we announced future support for videos on all platforms, expected to bring an all-new dimension to multimedia on the Atmos platform, as well as support for push notifications on Android devices and PCs.

Thanks to recent announcements at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC22), we’re eager to announce future support for their new Web Push technologies which will enable support for push notifications in Safari for iOS 16 & iPadOS 16 starting in 2023.

Support for Web Push by third-party browser developers on iOS & iPadOS is currently unknown at this time.

Additionally, we will also be able to utilize Web Push in Safari for Macs running macOS Ventura by the end of 2022, with early native support for push notifications in other desktop-class browsers.

Plus, as we previously announced, we will also be working under-the-hood to make significant changes to the post composer inside of Atmos, enabling support for uploading up to 300 MB & 480 MP of lossless image data at once over 30 individual images for everyone, enabling our users to share their content in high-fidelity without fearing about any compression algorithms at this time.

With our upcoming WarpLight Quantum subscription service, it will allow users to go beyond 10 MB & 16 MP per image, giving creators an all-new, next-gen platform to showcase their best work, which is currently still in development.

We’ll have more to share about WarpLight Quantum in the near future, and you can pre-subscribe to Quantum-enabled tiers in Patreon to get courtesy months equal to the length of time you remain pre-subscribed on launch day, which you can then activate or send to others as gifts. Not only will you then get access to exclusive features, but you’ll also be supporting development directly, enabling us to continue building and maintaining user-centric services and platforms for years to come.

As previously announced, mobile users will have a completely redesigned composer experience on the web, enabling it to take full advantage of tall displays while dynamically adjusting its contents to work flawlessly on various mobile devices, while keeping important functions within easy reach at the bottom of the display.

We are also committing to using 0 negatively-impacting algorithms when sorting & delivering user content in any of our social platforms, as we understand that many users on other platforms avoid using certain combinations of words or phrases out of fear that their content may be negatively impacted.

We want to make Atmos the best place to share your work, from lossless image processing for select images to equal processing for all, we want to make sure you get the best outreach possible.

There’s a lot on the way that will make Atmos even better than ever, and continue to support its drive to be the next-gen social platform that’s out of this world, with most of these features expected to be available by the end of 2022, with the newly announced Web Push technologies to be completely implemented into Atmos by the end of 2023 for all supported Apple devices, and by the end of 2022 for Android and PC platforms.

We hope you’ll continue to stick with us, and be sure to check back often around the 10th of each month for the latest updates; until then!




We’re developing the next generation of services for those who are ready to move to user-centric, privacy-focused ecosystems that were made for each other, by design, for everyone, everywhere.

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