Welcome to Atmos Platform Update 3

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Support for new types of creative media, even higher image capacity, faster performance & more

Hello again

Last year, we introduced the August quality update which completely refreshed the most important parts of the Atmos platform, from an all-new post composer custom built for mobile devices, push notifications for compatible devices and operating systems, and even a few extra features such as embedded video support via links.

What’s new in Platform Update 3

Support for new types of creative artwork

Up until now, illustrative artists may not have been able to post some of their works to the Atmos platform, as sensitive content (otherwise known as NSFW) was prohibited. We decided to prohibit sensitive content from the platform for the first few years after launch in order to stabilize the core functionality of the platform, such as uploading, posting, editing, and navigating.

But now that Atmos has matured in both design & code, we’re ready to begin supporting select domains of sensitive content on the platform, allowing creative artists to not only share more of their illustrative works, but to do so securely. Users must not only be over 18 in order to enable sensitive content features, but they must opt-in as well, helping to reduce the number of users that may not wish to see such content. Users that are either not opted-in, under 18, or are signed out will not see sensitive content at all, even if they open a link.

To learn more about sensitive content on the Atmos platform, you can read the Atmos Sensitive Content Policy.

Support for AI generated content flags

AI generated media is becoming more and more common, and as the quality of the generated content continues to improve, it’s becoming easier to be tricked into thinking that it’s genuine media, and we’re taking steps to ensure that all of our users not only know when a post contains AI generated media, but also to allow them to completely remove those posts from their feeds across the entire Atmos platform.

Beginning August 31st, all users will be required to label posts and comments if they contain AI generated media, otherwise, Atmos moderators will remove the post or comment and issue a WarpLight Account violation, which reaffirms our commitment to protecting our users from deception.

Support for direct video uploads

With the August quality update, we introduced the ability to embed externally hosted videos within a user’s post when added as a link, allowing native playback within the Atmos platform, without needing to upload it.

Now, with Platform Update 3, videos up to 600 MB can be uploaded directly to Atmos, without needing to upload it somewhere else. Plus, the ability to embed videos from external sources is still available, allowing users to completely bypass direct upload limitations, such as upload time and size thresholds.

Redesigned loading screens

In order for Atmos to properly display posts, comments, and other items, they must be fully summoned from our infrastructure to the user’s device, and as many users have varying network conditions and device performance levels, loading screens are necessary.

To make them even less annoying, we’ve come up with a new approach. Now, when navigating the Atmos platform, users will now see the name and icon associated with the destination. When visiting a profile, users will see their icon and username while their profile loads in. With a collection or community, the name will be displayed as well, along with the associated system icon. For other destinations such as the Discover tab, they will show their respective system icon.

Higher upload capacity for images and profile customization

With Platform Update 3, users can now upload images that are up to 20 MB and 20 MP each, and up to 600 MB & 600 MP in total when attaching up to 30 images in one post.

When customizing an Atmos profile, community or collection, users can now upload avatars that are up to 3200 x 3200 in dimension, with a file size up to 6 MB. For banners, images up to 4600 x 3600 in dimension can be uploaded, with a file size up to 10 MB. As always, static images and GIF images are supported for enhanced customization.

Finally, several under-the-hood changes

From all-new login and registration experiences, support for external image links, to the modernization of our settings pages, Atmos is preparing for a bright future ahead. Plus, Atmos now supports 50% more actions per minute, enabling users to navigate Atmos at the speed of light. And with Platform Update 3, we’re using all-new frontend technologies that enable faster performance across the entire platform.

With all of these changes now being available to everyone, we’ll continue working on the next major update for Atmos, along with any smaller updates that we may need to release in order to fix critical issues on the platform.

With that being aside, we hope that you’ll enjoy Atmos just as much as we do, and share us with your friends.

Thanks for sticking with us for this long, since we’re just getting started. Welcome to Atmos Platform Update 3!




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