What’s new in Platform Update 4

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5 min readFeb 11, 2024


Introducing WarpLight Quantum Beta, 25 MP image capacity, 6K video capacity, push notification support for Safari & more

Hello again!

With the release of Atmos Platform Update 4, we’re continuing to showcase what it truly means to be a next-gen social platform. From higher media capacities to enhanced quality of life, Update 4 is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Here’s what’s new in Platform Update 4:

New 25 MP image capacity

The increase from 16 MP to 20 MP in Update 3 helped push the Atmos platform even further for those who wish to share their sharpest, most detailed creative works on the platform. Now, with Update 4, we’re raising the per-image capacity once again to 25 MP, enabling enhanced support for the iPhone 15 series & other capable devices for everyone, all at no additional cost. Now, when your device saves photos in 24 MP, you can post those very same photos in the very same 24 MP resolution, all with zero compression whatsoever. Only Atmos preserves the fine details of your photos, while also delivering the truly next-gen social experience you deserve.

Even higher 6K video capacity

Plus, as our image & video capacities are linked, you can now upload 6K videos to the Atmos platform, at up to 600 MB in size for free. While other platforms may compress your videos, or not support videos at all, only Atmos offers the best of both worlds, allowing your videos to be displayed at lossless quality.

WarpLight Quantum Beta, now built-in

Included with Update 4 is Quantum Beta, our user-centric subscription service that’s designed to deliver truly next-gen benefits to subscribers, while helping to directly support the development of our platforms & services, for only $5 per month.

Unlike other platforms, core features will always remain free, & with Quantum, those very same features can become supercharged for an even more enhanced platform experience. As Quantum is currently in beta, additional & previously promised features & benefits are in development, & will be included in future platform updates.

Recurring subscriptions are powered by Patreon once your WarpLight Account is successfully linked to your Patreon account. Patreon also processes all recurring transactions, so we’ll never see your payment details.

One-time donations in increments of $5 are eligible for one Quantum credit, which provides one month of Quantum benefits. These donations are handled by PayPal & are operated manually & securely by WarpLight.

With Update 4 & Quantum, we’re starting off with two, truly out-of-this-world benefits.

Extraordinary media capacity with Update 4 & Quantum

When subscribed to WarpLight Quantum, you can post images up to 80 MP & 80 MB in size, equating to 2.4 gigapixels & 2.4 GB of total capacity across 30 images with zero compression, something only Atmos can deliver.

Plus, for videos, you can post videos beyond 8K & up to 2.4 GB in size, allowing you to share your most intricate & detailed creative works without any fear of quality loss from end to end.

Share with up to 5, at no additional cost

Benefits are meant to be shared. Unlike other platforms, you can freely share your Quantum benefits with up to 5 other users at no additional cost to your subscription, allowing them to receive the very same Quantum benefits without having to pay a dime. Simply share your share group code with them, & within seconds, they’ll instantly receive their Quantum benefits.

Push notification support for iOS / iPadOS 17 via Safari

Update 4 also includes support for Apple’s Safari browser, allowing you to receive Atmos notifications on your compatible iPhone or iPad, once the Atmos platform is added to your Home Screen.

To enable push notifications for your compatible device, make sure you’re running the latest version of iOS 17 or iPadOS 17, & have Safari set as your default browser.

Next, open Atmos in Safari, then log in. Once you’re at your home feed, tap the share icon, & look for the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Follow the prompts, then once you’re at your Home Screen, tap the shortcut to open Atmos. Next, open Notification settings within the Atmos platform.

On mobile, you can get to your settings by tapping your icon in the upper left corner, then by tapping “Notification settings”. For larger format devices, you can select the “Settings” tab in the top header bar.

Once you’re in Notification settings, select “Turn on notifications”, then follow the prompts presented to you by the OS, if any appear. You can also tap “Send test notification” to test the delivery of your notifications.

Multiple quality of life improvements

With Update 4, we’ve optimized the Atmos experience to enable faster posting & more efficient data transfer.

When logging in to the Atmos platform, it can now send you back to where you were, helping you stay in your flow.

When posting, you can now select your destination quicker when composing your posts, no longer requiring you to select the save button multiple times. Plus, when mentioning users, you can now see their display name in your text, rather than their unique account ID.

Update 4 also has enhanced support for drag & drop, allowing you to quickly add media to your posts & comments. And to finish off, you can now use the ctrl + enter keyboard command to send your posts & comments.

Other improvements include multiple bug fixes, which includes a more stable experience when following new users. Additionally, you can now set the default group that new users are added to when you follow them.

And for mobile users, we’ve enhanced our navigation handling when navigating through the platform, & enhanced our PWA (progressive web app) technologies for an improved user experience.

Other smaller changes include a birthday cake fix, so the cakes are no longer oversized. We’ve also included a new non-binary gender option that’s available to select for your profile, while still supporting custom text for the identity field.

Plus, Atmos now greets you when you arrive at your home feed, now that’s innovation.

This is only just the beginning, for both Atmos, WarpLight, & 2024. As always, mention us to your friends, show them what Atmos can do, and help us spread the word; our success starts with the success of our users, and we’ll do everything in our power to fulfil our mission, to advance everyone, everywhere.

We’ll see you again soon, until then!




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