Announcing garage ownership for the premium vehicle owners. Snapshot on Oct 21.

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4 min readOct 17, 2020


A mockup of the garage interface. The numbers on this example are not real.

** If you own any premium vehicles, you need to have logged into the game at least once in the past and have a correct ETH address linked to your account to receive the in-game garage ownership tokens. If you are unsure, please login at least once before 1 PM ET on October 21. **


The Wasteland is evolving, and more things are appearing in our post-apocalyptic world. The residents desperately need more infrastructure, parking space and, most importantly, passive income. The OG garage has recently popped in the Wasteland with little to no restrictions on how it can be used by the players. This is about to change.

Per the community’s decision, all premium vehicle owners will receive the in-game ownership tokens of the OG garage. The quantity will depend on the total count of the premium vehicles on the player’s account. This allows our early supporters and those who subsequently acquired premium vehicles via the secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea, to earn passive BZN income. The snapshot of the premium vehicle ownership will be taken at 1 PM ET on October 21.

Introducing Garage Ownership

Nearly all additional garages in the Wasteland will be owned by someone. The owners will be able to earn passive income by receiving a percentage of all BZN brought to any particular garage by the players. This is called the Entrance Fee, and it is distributed proportionally among the garage token holders. Here is how one of the warriors explains the concept: “Someone needs to be sweeping the floors of these garages, cleaning up the beer cans in our stalls and throwing the dead rats to the feral cats. We sure as hell aren’t doing that.” Someone definitely needs to pay for all that work.

Different garages may have different entrance fees, and, the more ownership tokens you own, the more passive BZN income you will receive. This system is slightly different from what was originally described in the WP due to the complexity and infeasibility of the earlier plan. However, every vehicle still gets a free spot in the Central Garage, and the community generally supported this change.

The Snapshot on October 21

Each premium vehicle owner will receive 1 in-game ownership token of the OG garage per each premium vehicle they own (regardless of its type). At 1 PM ET on October 21, we will take a snapshot of all accounts known to the Wasteland Core (gameserver) and will use it to distribute the tokens. It’s not too late to acquire more premium vehicles before the snapshot.


  1. Have a correct ETH address linked to your account with some premium WR vehicles.
  2. You must have logged into the game at least once in the past. If you are unsure, please download the game for Windows, MacOS or Linux from here and log in anytime before 1 PM ET on October 21. This weekend’s competition will be perfect for that!

Competition October 17–18

Please join us this weekend for the last event before the OG garage token distribution! Free War Van for all new players + cool badge prizes for the top performers.

Intense distribution:

3 PM — 8 PM ET on Sat, Oct 17

11 AM — 4 PM ET on Sun, Oct 18


Q. Is it too late to acquire more premium vehicles before the snapshot?

A. It’s not too late. Every premium vehicle that was in your wallet on or before 1 PM ET October 21 will be accounted for.

Q. What if I never logged into the game before?

A. You need to log in at least once before 1 PM ET on October 21.

Q. I missed the snapshot. Now what?

A. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. If you have never logged into the game before, you won’t be able to receive any ownership tokens.

Q. Are the OG garage tokens NFTs?

A. No, these in-game tokens are not NFTs and are non-transferable (at least for some time). They will be tied to your gaming account.

Q. Are there going to be more distributions for the premium vehicle owners in the future?

A. Yes. Each new map/location will have its own OG garage, and the distribution for this garage will happen separately. Please continue to hodl your vehicles.

Q. Does the garage preview image have real numbers?

A. No, the numbers are only for mock-up/demonstration purposes.



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