Binance/ Trust War Lambo, the Power of Clans, and State of the Wasteland.

The Wasteland is no place for the weak and vulnerable — only the strongest will survive. The battle for Benzene is real, and it will be here before you know it. Since the start of vehicle sales in August, War Riders has had a mind blowing interest from the community and pre-sold over 2500 war machines. War Lambos sold out in the first week, and almost all Car Tanks are gone, the last being sold as this is being published.

Think it’s cool driving your army around the Wasteland? Now think how cool it would be to earn and fight for crypto as a clan or syndicate, exchanging your items with others using your favorite marketplace such as War Riders, OpenSea or OPSkins. The Sopranos couldn’t even dream of this.


A day after War Riders announced its new requirements, 9 new clans with creative names like Dark Horizon, Brotherhood of Benzene and Legion were formed and are actively recruiting in our Discord group (1200 and counting). New clans are awarded with BZN and a free logo design to use as they please. The idea of a clan is to form a strong coalition early on in the game to later provide protection to noobs for cryptocurrency reward. There are talks about “Mercenaries for Hire” and “Wasteland Collection Agencies”, so if you want to join a clan or form your own, you can do so here at #clan-discussion.

Binance/ Trust War Lambo

War Riders is happy to announce that we’ve been featured on Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet was recently acquired by Binance and is currently one of the most popular Ethereum wallets for crypto-collectibles and ERC20 tokens. Trust Wallet is now fully supported by War Riders, meaning you can enjoy our dApp from the comfort of your mobile phone. War Riders is also featured on Coinbase Wallet (formerly known as Toshi wallet).

The Binance/ Trust War Lambo was custom designed by the founder of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko, and includes both companies’ logos. You can check it out in Viktor’s garage here.

Partnership with DappRadar

Our family keeps growing, and we are happy to add DappRadar to the list of our official partners! With DappRadar you can check out which dApps are currently trending and always stay up to date with an easy ranking dashboard.

Gold War Lambos — Dutch Quality

We all know that War Lambos are made by the Deadly Factory in decentralized territory known as the Wasteland. So why Dutch? We’ll let you in on a secret — three special War Lambos will soon go on sale using a Dutch auction mechanism.

The Dutch auction is when the auctioneer begins with high prices and lowers them until a participant accepts the price or it reaches a predetermined reserve price. Instead of an auctioneer, we will be using a smart contract system that will slowly drive the price of each lambo down until our vehicle pre-order campaign ends. The first person to “ring the bell” (sign a transaction) will be a happy winner of the rarest vehicle in the Wasteland. Sign up for updates on War Lambos and more here.

Coming Soon

The Discord bot for top referrers will be here shortly; vehicle customizations are scheduled for later this fall. In the meantime, Car Dealers are encouraged to spread their referral links — the top 3 referrers will receive War Lambos for their hard work. The integration with OPSkins, WAX and other beefy partnerships are in the oven. Stay tuned for our updates and drop us a line in our Telegram channel.