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Hello Warriors,

We know that you’ve been waiting for a long time, but the gun sale is finally approaching! Recently, we had to migrate BZN, which slowed us down a bit, but we are on track to launch the gun sale in just two weeks! We would like to remind you to migrate your BZN before the sale goes live. We know that many of you can’t wait to start spending your BZN, so please make sure you’re using BZN 2.0!


The private gun pre-sale is scheduled to start on Sep 4, 2019, at 12 pm ET. The sale will first start privately, and everyone will need to sign up using this form. If you’ve previously signed up for any of our lists, you’re already included and no action is needed. We are expecting the private pre-sale to last approximately one week, after which the sale will be open to everyone.


The Gun Factory will accept BZN and ETH as primary methods of payments. Unlike vehicle sales, the gun sale is based on the loot boxes that will include different types of guns. As we mentioned earlier, the weapons may come with rare skins and barrels, and your ability to get one of the rarest guns will depend purely on luck. Just like for vehicle sales, the price for loot boxes will constantly increase. We won’t be releasing any pricing info before the actual start of the private pre-sale.

Buyers paying with BZN will enjoy a single transaction and flawless weapon delivery, thanks to BZN 2.0! Please note that buying with BZN requires ETH, which is used to cover minting fees and other costs. When the purchase is complete, 30% of the total BZN amount spent will be burned, and 70% of BZN will go back to the Game Pool.

After the purchase, the guns will automatically appear in your wallet, gaming account, OpenSea and other marketplaces as ERC-721 tokens. You will be able to install the new shiny weapons on your war machines right away.

Bulk buying

The Gun Factory will support fully automatic bulk buying with the ability to purchase up to 1,000 loot boxes with a single transaction. We may limit the maximum bulk buying amount during the private pre-sale.

Gun stats

The weapon sale will start with 24 unique combinations of premium weapons with top-of-the-line gun stats and excellent combat performance. We will be adding more guns to the mix and will be replacing premium weapons with mid-grade and regular guns as we go─to preserve rarity. Each weapon will have a rarity index that will convey information about the gun rarity and total supply of all similar guns.

As always, the stats you receive will be based on luck and will fluctuate within the specified ranges. You will able to learn all the details from the upcoming updated version of the War Paper, which is scheduled to be released shortly before the sale. The weapon stats will include:

  • Rate of fire
  • Muzzle velocity
  • Effective range
  • Maximum range
  • Damage level
  • Stability level
  • Ammo type
  • Skin rarity and more

Bounties, referral commission and giveaways

Similarly to the vehicle sale, you will be able to earn crypto by referring the sale to your friends. Warriors will need to use the same referral link to be eligible for referral commission. We are also preparing a few unique weapons for the top referrers in the Wasteland. In addition to that, we will be doing a number of giveaways in which you will be able to receive weapons for free!

Vehicle pre-sale will be reopened

As per the community request, we will reopen the vehicle presale for a short period of time so that you can stock up with more premium vehicles and BZN before the weapon sale. We will keep the sale open until Sep 4, 2019 12 pm ET, after which we will halt the sale forever in the smart contract.

Alpha, BZN mining and vehicle parts

We have completed the BZN mining stage of the project and are currently testing BZN distribution. We are expecting the alpha with BZN mining to launch shortly after the weapon sale. In addition to that, new shiny wheels and front grills will soon be available for BZN purchase inside the game.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in our discord and telegram groups!

War Riders

War Riders crypto-game


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War Riders

War Riders crypto-game

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