How to fight Ethereum congestion if you plan on selling thousands of NFTs.

Oct 12 · 4 min read

War Riders alpha is coming up this fall with real BZN mining and custom weapon skins that you can buy as soon as next week! A lot of warriors were patiently waiting for that moment, and it’s finally here. Thousands of vehicles were acquired by the players that were filled with more than 1,000,000 BZN. Everyone is ready to start spending their BZN!

Private weapon sale starts Oct 17, 2019, at 2 pm ET. RSVP here.

New build this Sunday, Oct 13 at noon EST.

Final bundle sale this Sunday, Oct 13 at noon EST.

The problem:

Last month, we faced a congested Ethereum network issue with close to 100,000 stuck transactions. Some rumors say that bad actors tried to attack Ethereum, wasting millions of dollars on malicious transactions just to clog the network. The traditional bulk buying system War Riders had for minting multiple ERC-721 tokens was not suitable for clogged network conditions. We could only squeeze 10 to 20 NFTs in one transaction before we started to hit the block limit. Starting a sale with extremely high gas prices and a clogged network was simply impossible.

The solution:

At War Riders, we looked at some past discoveries by various NFT projects and came up with a system that allowed us to mint up to 3,000–4,000 NFTs in a single transaction. In addition to that, we were able to form batches of these purchases that could be transferred using a single transaction and very little gas. Previously, popular marketplaces such as OpenSea allowed bundle transfers of up to 30 NFTs (ERC-721 tokens), which was hitting 5,000,000 gas and was quite expensive. At War Riders, we were able to transfer 500 NFTs using approximately 1,200,000 gas, which is approximately 65 times cheaper per item. Our new system will be capable of transferring up 3,000 NFTs in a single transaction. We will open-source the contract and post it to our GitHub page.

The purchase process:

Our new shiny bulk buy system for weapons will support the opening of up to 3,000 cases in a single transaction. Please note that we may initially limit this number to prevent extreme race conditions. All gun tokens will be delivered to the player immediately after the transaction confirms on the blockchain. The Gun Factory is now optimized for blazing-fast speeds, and there is no need to wait for delivery or submit any follow-up transactions.

As we mentioned earlier, The Gun Factory will accept BZN and ETH as primary methods of payments with a standard price-increasing algorithm we always used. The weapons may come with rare skins and barrels, and your ability to get one of the rarest guns will depend purely on luck. Please note that you will still need ETH to perform BZN purchases, as each gun will require a small minting fee that goes toward covering different aspects of Gun Factory operations. A small buffer of BZN and ETH will also be included in each transaction to cover the events of a race condition, in which someone else completes the purchase before your transaction goes through. In that case, the price is already too high for your transaction to succeed, and the buffer is used to cover the difference. The unused portion of the buffer will be immediately refunded back to your account.

Please ensure you are using BZN 2.1:

During the gun sale, we will have a prompt that will direct you to BZN migration if you are still using the old BZN contract. However, we urge you to migrate your tokens before the gun sale event. You can find more info and instructions on how to migrate HERE.

Have your referral links ready:

Similar to the vehicle sale, you will be able to earn crypto by referring the sale to your friends. Warriors will need to use the same referral link to be eligible for referral commissions. We are also preparing a few unique weapons for the top referrers in the Wasteland. In addition to that, we will be offering a number of giveaways in which you will be able to receive weapons for free!

Additional info

We recently released more info about the guns. Please read the weapon part of our War Paper if you still haven’t seen it. See you next week!

War Riders

War Riders crypto-game


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War Riders

War Riders crypto-game

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