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The Wanderer competition was a huge success: players reported having lots of fun locating hidden vehicle statuettes in the Wasteland. Some of the statuettes were difficult to locate and it took a few days for them to be discovered. Among the top performers were R4yn, dwindlingfat, Marvin, auxkevin, cipherGarden, Doji Flip and Countzero. There were some smart warriors who were “loaning” their gaming accounts to other players so that they could win the competition and split the reward. Was it even allowed? What a decentralized world!

Special appearance vehicles were unlocked

All special vehicle statuettes were found in the Test Wasteland and their in-game equivalents are now unlocked for their respective owners (such as Gold, Platinum, Glass). These vehicles are restricted from color changes because of their unique “skin.” The owners of those vehicles should definitely post some test-drive videos for the community to see!

The Winner badges were also distributed today and are now available in the game. In order for you to update the marketplace images to reflect the Winner badge (such as OpenSea, etc.) you need to log into the game and change the color of your vehicle or add a logo and hit “save.” The marketplaces and wallets will then reflect the new, shiny Winner badges.

Mythereum tournament

The Mythereum tournament reportedly had a full house and was streamed by Kenn Bosak on his youtube channel. A lot of people mentioned that it was a blast doing the live stream and playing cards to win War Riders vehicles. The top performers were TheHermitMonk, Yespa, Highhasschdi, and blackbird.

All rewards from different competitions and tournaments were distributed. Please let us know if you are still missing your reward and we will take care of it immediately. We are excited to welcome new players to our community and hope that you will keep participating in future events.

Multiplayer testing and roadmap

We realize that we’ve been behind on our release dates and we appreciate your patience while you’re waiting for alpha. We are now excited to announce that we will roll out alpha-testing of multiplayer in approximately two weeks. This test will help us understand the needs of our server infrastructure and learn from your feedback. You will be able to ride with your friends and enemies while shooting at each other and having fun! We are expecting to release the BZN mining capability and full alpha shortly after we are done with multiplayer tests.

Gun purchase contract is getting ready to be deployed

Shortly after the multiplayer tests, we will allow the purchases of virtual guns that will be readily available for you via our new ERC-721 gun contract. As stated earlier, you will be able to purchase guns for either BZN or ETH from our dApp on the web. The sale mechanism will be similar to that of a vehicle presale with price increasing mechanism and a bit of luck when submitting a purchase transaction. Everyone will have a fair chance of getting a rare gun with maxed out stats or total bs. Similarly to the vehicle sales, we will open the Gun Factory and you will be able to trade the weapons on your favorite marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Premium vehicle pre-sale is ending

The premium vehicle pre-sale will stay live until we officially roll out gun and other item purchases for BZN. The community was generally ok with us keeping the premium pre-sale open and on-boarding new players until we launch the alpha. As soon as the BZN purchases are enabled, the premium vehicle pre-sale will be halted in our smart contract and we will move to the mid-grades. Please note that our smart contract supports initial BZN filling only for premium vehicles. We will reset the timer on our website for another 60 days, but keep in mind that pre-sale will most likely end much sooner. We will give several warnings before completely halting the premium vehicle pre-sale.

New build released today

A new build reflecting badged vehicles, which consists of two patches, was released today. We are aware that it isn’t convenient to approve two different patches separately and are working on a solution. In the meantime, several outdated clients will have to approve and download multiple patches. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

More customization options and new bundles

More customization options for your vehicles are on the way! Given our limited resources, we are currently prioritizing multiplayer and actual alpha. New wheels, bull bars, and spikes are on the way, which you will be able to get inside of a game. In the meantime, two more exclusive bundles with Glass War Truck and Glass SUV were released today and some other bundles replenished. Check them out here!

War Riders

War Riders crypto-game


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War Riders

War Riders crypto-game

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