Launcher update, upcoming multiplayer testing and other news

May 28 · 4 min read

Hello Warriors,

We hope that you’re enjoying nice summer weather and getting ready for some amazing beach days. Too bad, because there are no beaches in the Wasteland and no places to go on vacation. On rare occasions, sunbathing is allowed on the roof of your war machine, right by the weapon. Sound like fun? Here is what you need to do to make sure the transition to the world of carnage goes smoothly:

Launcher update is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29 at noon ET

Our state-of-the-art launcher just got better! From now on, gamers with severely outdated clients won’t have to hit “accept” for every patch they have missed. All updates will be delivered automatically no matter how outdated the game is. Keep in mind, though, that if you miss several patches, it may take some time for the launcher to bring your game up-to-date.

Launcher update/restart bug

We found a bug in the launcher update process and successfully fixed it. However, the current version you have installed will still have this bug until the launcher is updated. Here is what’s wrong with it:

The update will be initiated automatically on our end, so all you have to do is to start the launcher. Please let us know in discord or telegram if you experience any issues.

Multiplayer is moving to a larger infrastructure and is almost ready to go

Shortly after we make sure everyone is up-to-date with the new launcher, we will push the multiplayer patch. We are currently moving our game to a better infrastructure so that our servers can handle the load. We found a few critical issues with the multiplayer during the final testing/debugging and are currently finalizing them. The multiplayer will be rolled out in stages: in the first stage, you will be able to ride with fellow warriors shooting at each other, but won’t be able to actually kill anyone. We would like to test the load of our servers first and make sure we optimize the performance before we deploy further logic.

Wait for the exact multiplayer launch day announcement

Multiplayer is arguably the most difficult and most important part of the project, so we are making sure we don’t sh*t the bed with it. We would like the launch to be a community-wide event with lots of warriors participating, so the launch will most likely be scheduled for the weekend. There are currently no restrictions as to the number of people who can use a single account (which will be changed shortly after the testing is over). Therefore, we welcome account sharing at the moment so that we can get as many people as possible for the testing. Please make sure you change your password later by hitting “forgot password” and following the link in your email.

New effects

Along with the multiplayer, we will be rolling out new visual effects for the bullets and rockets (bullet holes, derbies, burn marks, etc.). This may also put a little more load on your computer, so we would like to test that as well. The effects should be fully optimized and cached on your machines, so we hope this will also goes smoothly.

Other news

Etherscan now displays images of our digital vehicles for every ERC-721 transaction on the blockchain! How cool is that?

War Riders has been featured on the Android version of Enjin wallet and added to Spiderex. Check them out!

We’ve slightly adjusted our timeline reflecting the latest developments and delays. We’ve also postponed regular vehicle sales and full game release to early next year. We are still expecting the first alpha to come out shortly after the multiplayer tests and gun contract deployment.

See you in the Wasteland!

War Riders

War Riders crypto-game


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War Riders

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