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4 min readJun 10, 2022


Secure account sharing 0.17.2

At War Riders, we continue to enhance the security and reliability of our systems. Today, we released one of the most significant improvements that allows our players to securely share access to their accounts. We suggest that everyone switch to the new sharing system and change their Game Account passwords ASAP. Sharing your account will not give other players access to your wallet or any other secure information.

If you’ve been sharing account passwords:

  1. Please ask other players to create or use their own Game Accounts with their personal wallets linked. Instructions are here.
  2. If you need to share your account with other players, send the invite and wait for them to accept (up to 10 players). Instructions are here.
  3. After you confirm that the shared access is working properly, change your Game Account password.

No action is required if you have never shared your Game Account password with other players.

Why you need to switch to this system ASAP:

Sharing account passwords was never an ideal scenario for joint account access, and we strongly believe it is time to move on to a safer, more secure system. The foundation for this system allows us to further expand and tailor it to the needs of our players. This will allow us to enable 2FA and build other interesting perks for the user profiles. Other features will soon be enabled that will require secure and private access to the gaming accounts.

Updated account lending info/tips:

If you control the private key for the Ethereum wallet and the email you used for the Gaming Account, it is generally safe to “lend” or “share” account access by using our new account sharing system. Please do it at your own risk with a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Please make sure that your Gaming Account password is unique and different from your email password. Ideally, this should be a new, randomly generated password. Please reset your password if you have previously shared it with someone.
  2. Please note that anyone who uses your account (“the scholar”) may spend the BZN from your account on things like N2O (only what’s in the game, not in your Ethereum wallet). The scholar may also customize your vehicles and rearrange weapons.
  3. The scholar may do something fishy, in which case your account may be banned and you will have to submit a support ticket.
  4. The withdrawals will always be disabled when the scholar is using your account. Only the original account owner can initiate the withdrawal to his linked wallet.

How to terminate account access immediately:

  1. Go to the share page and remove access for the unwanted player.
  2. Log into your account in-game. This will remove any player who is currently using your account. The evicted user won’t be able to login again.

Is there a way to know who used my account when it was banned?

We have enabled this capability internally and will be providing this info on request via our support system. We may start providing this info automatically to the account owners in the near future.

What else is included in this release?

  • You can now see who is using your account in real-time and which accounts are available for you to use. This information is provided at the login screen.
  • If the account is being used by another player, you will see the following warning: “This account is currently being used by player X.”
  • When you attempt to switch to a different screen resolution, there will be a prompt confirming the changes. If you reject or take no action, the changes will revert.
  • You can now configure the max FPS in the game settings or enable VSync.

What is next?

Your privacy and security are our top priority, which is why this system was released before the garage sale and other things that were planned a long time ago. We had to switch our focus and revamp the whole authorization system in favor of your security, so we hope you understand that. The team is now focusing on launching the long-awaited garage sale, which should happen within a very short timeframe in the 0.18.0 release.

See you in the Wasteland!



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