The first multiplayer test “Reconnaissance” launches today at noon ET.

Jun 9 · 3 min read

You’ve had enough of lonely steering in the Test Wasteland, and you’re ready for some multiplayer action. No one is inviting you to join, but you will join anyway. You just can’t miss the chance to start dominating the Wasteland and get ready for BZN mining. But, this time, no weapons will be fired. Consider this your last safe ride in the Wastes. This is your chance to ride together with your fellow warriors and do some friendly aiming and bumping.

Make sure your launcher is at

Last week, we rolled out a fresh launcher update, and most users were able to successfully update. However, a few users reported update problems that we are currently investigating. If you experienced a problem, the best solution would be to completely uninstall War Riders from Programs and Features (Windows) or remove it from your applications folder (macOS), download a fresh launcher from here and reinstall the game from scratch.

“Reconnaissance” and disabled weapon firing

We’ve temporarily disabled the ability to fire guns so that we can isolate vehicle mechanics from weapons and adequately estimate the needs of our server infrastructure.

“Live Fire” multiplayer release is scheduled for next weekend

The weapon firing will be re-enabled next week with the “Live Fire” multiplayer release. At the same time, we will release new effects for the bullet and rocket impacts. We will also enable the ping info so that you can report any significant slowdowns to us. Get ready for some nice weapon action!

Test accounts are available for content creators/bloggers

We have a test account for bloggers and content creators. Please reach out to @vladddy on telegram or discord to gain access.

Account sharing

As mentioned last week, there are currently no restrictions as to the number of people who can use a single account (which will be changed shortly after the testing is complete). Therefore, we currently welcome account sharing so that we can get as many people as possible for the testing. Please make sure you change your password later by hitting “forgot password” and following the link in your email.

Hovercrafts are sold out

As of this morning, the hovercrafts are completely sold out, but we will be posting some more bundles with the hovercrafts in them today. Don’t miss out! Click HERE to get the bundles.

See you in the Wasteland!

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