The first part of vehicle customization is live. War Riders is now an official sponsor of NFT.NYC.

That scared cat is finally gone, and we are rocking! We have successfully released the first version of customization. We had to rework a lot of things and were forced to release customization in stages. In this first stage, you will be able to customize the vehicle’s color and upload your own logo. After you save the changes, the image will be automatically updated in your garage and across all your favorite wallets and marketplaces, including OpenSea, Trust and Coinbase Wallet. This version is mostly for you to get a feeling of what customization looks like and to provide feedback for us. Please note that the badged vehicles are not yet available for customization.

What to do:

Go to the downloads page on our website and download a version for your specific operating system. Remember that customization (and the game) will be available in Windows, MacOS and Linux. Mobile versions are coming later this year.

Unzip the archive and launch the War Riders app. Click on the Options button to configure your quality settings, screen size and customization scale. You will be able to login by entering your email + password and start customizing your cars immediately. If you don’t yet have a gaming account, you have to create it and link your Ethereum wallet to it. Please follow this guide if you haven’t yet done so.

Logo requirements:

We can always help with your logo design; just let us know in our discord channel. You can pretty much upload anything that doesn’t violate our policies or hurt the feelings of others (e.g., no racism, gender or religious harassment, sexually offensive content, etc.). We don’t want War Riders to be associated with any of that and will enforce zero tolerance. Having said that, we are in the Wasteland killing each other, so it’s no wonder we like things to be a little rough. So, if you have to use strong language on your logos, please always replace a key letter with a smiley face, hashtag or middle finger. Avoid any extreme cases of violence or adult content. Please take it easy in the beginning to give us time to gather feedback from other users and partners. We are all in this together, and we hope that you will play responsibly.

In the meantime, we are hoping to come up with a set of community guidelines for the user-generated content, and we would like to hear your feedback. We have come up with a basic set of rules to follow when designing your logos. You can read them in the app by clicking on the GUIDELINES button.

Logo file requirements:

  • PNG file format
  • Maximum file size: 400 KB
  • Minimum size: 64 x 64 pixels
  • Maximum size: 512 x 512 pixels

Done customizing?

Share your vehicle image on social media and win a Benzene burner bundle for the best logo design! Make sure to tag War Riders in your post, and your entry will be accepted. You can submit an unlimited number of images. Please also share your vehicle images in the #share-your-stats channel in discord or our telegram group for other players to see.

Don’t have enough vehicles to customize?

You can get more rides HERE while supplies last. There are also a few bundles left on our official BUNDLE PAGE!

What’s coming

We are working on making the weapon and part purchases operational, and you will soon be able to further customize your riders. Mass vehicle customization is also in the queue. Moreover, the test drives are coming very soon, and it won’t be long until you will be able to take your vehicle for a spin and fire some test weapons. Hopefully, we will know more about the exact alpha version release dates within a week or so, at which time we will post another update.

War Riders is now an official sponsor of NFT.NYC

As you’ve probably heard, the conference in Cincinnati was rescheduled. But, don’t get too upset! We are all set for one of the biggest events in the history of NFTs. Next week, in the heart of NYC, War Riders will be presenting at NFT.NYC in the Playstation theater, along with Cryptokitties, OpenSea and other giants of the non-fungible industry. Our promotional video will also be playing on a huge screen at Times Square and will be seen by thousands of people! There is still time to get your tickets, and we heard that it’s cheaper to buy them for ETH on OpenSea. You can even snatch them for a discounted price at one of their auctions.

Hope to see you there!