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Dream Crushers

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I want to talk to you about dream crushers. Those are people around you who’ve shattered your hopes in one fell swoop. Let’s together unite and squash their power and take ours back! First, we must be honest and acknowledge why they were able to crack us in the first place. Once we do that we’ll be invincible.

There’s nothing worse than having someone tell you something that sucks the very life out of your soul. Would you like to know how to stop these offenders? There’s a special key; grab it and you can prevent these dream crushers from penetrating you. What key?

YOU’RE THE KEY… Learn what your insecurities are. Search inside yourself. See if maybe some of these things may be valid. Once you do that you can rebuild yourself up. Soon little things will no longer have the grip that had taken hold of you. You’ll find you’ve become all the better for it.

I’ll be honest with you; I’ve had this happen to me! I was shook at first, hurt, rattled. I realized I needed to not give this person the satisfaction of shattering my confidence. It was a great wake-up call. It felt like a hard slap across my face at the time. I won’t lie, I was furious. We’re all human, that’s a natural instinct. It’s what we do next that separates us. Victim or fighter? I’m a fighter all the way!

“A positive attitude gives you power over circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.”
— Joyce Meyer

Another important lesson is that only you can make yourself feel better. Don’t get me wrong; yes, your loved ones and friends can make you feel better, but it’s a band-aid. Only you can really get to the root of the issue. Hear those beautiful words of praise that your family is sprinkling down on you and see for yourself as others see you! Let their words soak in. Hear it, believe it, own it!

Now that you’re recharged and feeling a boost take that bull by the horns, go! Don’t look back! Don’t bother reliving the past, put it behind you. Live for the future and reach for the stars! Take this as a challenge, as an, ‘I’ll show you!’ motto. Let it carry you through when you feel you’ve hit a wall and need motivation.

Most importantly, always believe in yourself! Everyone knows the movie, ‘Field of Dreams.’ Let that inspire you. Hold onto that. Never lose hope and never allow anyone to extinguish your hopes and dreams! Protect them and cherish them as the special gems they are. The skies the limit!

Jennifer Harris (JL Harris) and I had a dream; we wanted our own publication. We knew it would take guts and spunk, but between the two of us we had the drive and determination. We had a dream and no one was going to snuff out our dream! Within no time we had Warrior Writers and together we all stand tall and proud. Together we make sure our dreams become reality, because as Warriors we support and help one another, never breaking another down. Warriors, let’s roar together!