Star Power

Bebe Nicholson

Have you ever known someone who didn’t need to be told what to do, they just automatically knew what was expected of them? Have you ever known someone who shined so brightly that when they appeared; they glowed like a star on top on a Christmas tree? That’s how it feels for us at Warriors when we’re around this individual. She signed up for Warrior Writers Bootcamp without hesitation and quickly showed her star power!

Jennifer Harris (JL Harris) and I are pleased to let you know we once again have another promotion in our Bootcamp. It won’t surprise any of you, either. This person always shows up and proves she can be counted on time after time. She’ll appear like a ray of light letting us know the latest update on her book no matter how busy her life may be. She digs deep and makes the time to get her book finished. She has her eye on her mission, knowing the goal is to accomplish what she started.

The time has come to make Bebe Nicholson a Private First Class. Congratulations, Bebe, you sure are a classy lady and an even stronger WARRIOR! You know I adore you and admire you. You’re a true standout. I can’t wait to read your book!

What I know about Bebe is she’s a very humble, kind, loving woman who says she’s retired, but let me tell you, no grass settles under her feet!!! She’s busier than a person who works full time! She’s a wife, sister, daughter, mother, and a very active grandmother. You must all realize that Bebe is pulled, gladly, in many directions, but she still gets it all done! She’s just an overall good human being. Not to mention an exceptionally skilled writer. Bet none of you even knew half of this about Bebe. She’s a true gem among us and it’s an honor to have her each and everyday. I know how much I love getting to know her.

Want to get to know Bebe and her fellow Warrior Writers, come join us. Join a community of people who’ll help you and encourage you. Here at Warriors we only ask one thing: don’t do it unless you feel you can handle being a part of a strong, determined group of people who never quit! Know we’re always there for one another to add that helping hand. Want to finally finish that book, sign up for our Warrior Writers Bootcamp. You won’t have anything to lose, only to gain…