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The Scream in the Night!

I heard a scream in the night

And turned to look and see

If folks near heard it, like me

But none responded in fright

No one heard that ghastly scream

I asked myself, what’s wrong?

They didn’t move or respond.

Is this a mirage, a dream?

I realized then… it was I.

That scream came from my soul

Echoed, uncontrollable

Oh, the ache… it made me cry.

Did you hear that in your heart?

An echo slicing through

The pain within you twine

Did it bring a sudden start?

Did that raging breath melt you?

That anguished cry of woe?

Did the adrenaline flow

From that sad sound hitherto?

My spirit sent forth that scream

My dad dying, soon gone

Breaking heart, grieving, withdrawn

I wish this were only a dream!

But it’s not!

Violet Escalera (6–12–2017)