Father and son, a funny kind of love. [Pic: Ayesha Bassier, my niece]

My 17 rules of love inspired by Shamsi Tabrizi

Elif Shafak wrote a brilliant book on the friendship between Tabrizi and Rumi called The Forty Rules of Love. This is much much less significant…

  1. There are different kinds of love. Don’t confuse them even as they spiral into one.
  2. If the song talks about love but actually refers to sex, then it’s a crap song.
  3. Love can change anything but sometimes tough problems require tough love.
  4. Love isn’t easy. It will make you lose weight.
  5. Love is a force of attraction, like gravity. Or maybe even a black hole!
  6. Love is enduring and will outlast everything you can ever imagine.
  7. In the end, everything succumbs to love but you will need lots of patience.
  8. Love does not need you to believe. It’s stubborn like that.
  9. Love is tricky. It sidesteps any analysis.
  10. Love does not discriminate, it makes itself at home anywhere.
  11. Love swallows hatred and spits it out like the sun does with hydrogen.
  12. Love has no sense of occasion. It’s the ultimate gatecrasher.
  13. Love couldn’t care less about your principles.
  14. Love always hits where it hurts most.
  15. Love will leak out of any sealed container you wish to bury it in.
  16. Love is hard of hearing especially when approached with reason.
  17. Whatever you think you know about love will always just be a drop in the ocean.

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