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Recruitment Plan for LRA by Deloitte

LRA by Deloitte, headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, recently signed a three-year hotel consulting contract with Acme Hotels and Resorts, which consists of over 90 hotels in 39 countries. The LRA division (which performs incognito service audits) of Deloitte will need to add more workforce to meet the projected demand. The LRA Human Resources department is tasked with the recruitment objective to acquire three Interns, two Field Consultants, and one Hospitality Consultant by the end of February 2019. The interns will primarily be recruited externally via college and university internship programs. The Field Consultants will be recruited externally from the hospitality industry by placing an ad on and utilizing geotargeting via social media. The Hospitality Consultant positions will be recruited internally by promoting the top performing Field Consultant. The main advantages of recruiting internally for the Hospitality Consultant position is that the organization is already aware for the candidate’s traits, attributes, stability, reliability, dependability, skills, and Work-Related Characteristics (WRCs). The recruiting process for the Interns and Field Consultants will require the candidates to undergo a multi-hurdle process.

The recruitment plan for the Interns and Field Consultant positions will be recruited from three large metropolitan cities based on the cities’ attributes. The selected cities offer the following attributes, to maximize the applicant population: comparatively higher unemployment rate, a large hotel industry, good amount of top colleges and universities, high amount of people living in the cities, and a decent number of individuals that are 25 years old and above who hold a minimum of bachelor’s degree. After extensive data mining and research, the proposed target recruitment cities are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Houston.

The recruitment objective of choosing these three cities is because the locations have a relatively higher potential to yield a sufficient applicant population of educated, hospitality experienced, and WRCs (mentioned in the recruiting message). The three locations are ideal spots to maximize the applicant pool with an added advantage of covering more territory in the Western and Central U.S.; it is also essential for all the three cities to have international airports. As the current national economy is very good with a historically low unemployment rate, this translates to companies lowering their hiring standards in order to reach their hiring goals. The unemployment rates for the three cities are moderately high when comparing them to the rest of the nation’s metropolitan areas. Our targeted cities’ unemployment rates are ranked (Metropolitan cities only): Houston is #284, Las Vegas is #341, and Los Angeles is #310 (“Local Area Unemployment Statistics”, 2018).

The reasoning behind recruiting college students with majors in Hospitality, English, Journalism, Communication, and Business is because an intern must possess the skills to proofread professional reports, edit professional reports, and effectively communicate with hotel executives. The services LRA provides to hotels are incognito audits of the hotel’s service (the consultant is essentially a mystery shopper): quality assurance of outlets, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and analyze individual employees’ customer service. The LRA Field Consultant will type a detailed report of the audit and complete a database checklist similar to the AAA standard. After the service audit is completed, the consultant will meet with the hotel executives, upon checkout, to present them with a bullet point summary report and give the hotel executives a summary presentation of his or her experience. The Field Consultant will email the comprehensive report to an intern for proofreading; once the edits are complete, the intern will email the hotel executives the full detailed report with the database checklist.

The Intern recruitment program will require the HR department to work with each of the six colleges’ (mentioned in Table 2) Internship Coordinator to register an effective internship recruitment message. One advantage of using the colleges to get an intern is that the Internship Coordinator can make recommendations for their best and the brightest students, who are more likely fit in the organization easily and produce at a high caliber during the internship. Another advantage is that the college internship programs do not cost any money. The main disadvantage of getting an intern through a college, is the possibility of the intern may have a misperceived perception of what to expect from the internship, therefore, it is important to be transparent in the recruiting message.

Recruiting message of the Internship positions will include the following elements:

Job Title: Intern / Apprentice

As a paid Intern, you will be 100% home-based and you are not required to physically go into the branch office for meetings; you will join meetings via WebEx.

Knowledge, Skills, and Education:

· A high level of the English language including rules of composition, spelling, and grammar.

· Proficiency in Office Word and Outlook.

· Skills in reading comprehension, writing, active listening, speaking, critical thinking, and verbal and oral communication.

· A bachelor’s degree (or a senior), preferably in Hospitality Management, Communications, Journalism, Business, or English.


· Read consultation reports identifying errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

· Verify the consultation report matched with the database and summary reports.

· Confer with the consultant on any changes in context, irregularity, and content.

· Send the clients a high-quality final report and be available to communicate with clients regarding questions, concerns, and comments.

· As the editor, you will be the last line of defense regarding the content’s quality.

Core Personal Attribute:

· Be honest, ethical, professional, maintain the highest level of integrity.

· Be flexible and adaptable in positive or adverse situations.

· Be self-motivated to achieve and satisfy tasks in an independent, dependable, and reliable manner with limited supervision.

· Be attentive to the details of tasks to ensure a high-quality product.


· Successful completion of the six-month internship will likely lead to an invitation to join the Apprenticeship program (In the past three years, 85% of all interns are offered a permanented position in the organization).

· Interns who are interested in fieldwork are given an opportunity to enroll in the Apprenticeship program. You will initially be pair up with a Field Consultant, where you will learn the methods and procedures of facility auditing hotels and restaurants.

Source: (“Summary Report for Editors”, n.d.)

The Field Consultant recruitment plan will start with posting the job description on an internet job board and narrow their efforts by using geotargeting methods. The HR department recommends using to communicate the company’s recruiting message. The main advantages of utilizing internet job board and social media sites is the cost-efficiency associated with placing ads for each city where the keywords of the positions are searchable on search engines. The disadvantage of utilizing internet job boards is that the LRA HR department will receive numerous resumes which do not meet the company’s hiring standards, and the HR department will have to sort through these resumes which will occupy too much work time.

The utilization of geotargeting subtle subliminal messaging via Facebook ads will allow HR to strategically target passive hospitality industry professionals. The advantages of geotargeting are: the cost-efficiency in which Facebook charges $25 a day, the ability to set a virtual geofence parameters (via area IP addresses) around a specific city, zip codes, and even geo-areas in a dense target group as small as a convention events. The disadvantage of geotargeting is that the HR department must create a complex quantitative method (metrics and measurements) in a limited timeframe to track the impact of their geotargeting efforts in finding qualified candidates. The ideal geotargets are conventions for hospitality professionals, but the hiring deadline is constrained, and the conventions will not occur within our timeframe. The HR department, however, will utilize this limited timeframe to soft launch the geotargeting strategy to create a database. The database is an essential premise to establish a metric and measurement system in which HR can track their impact using geotargeting effort. Once all the specs of the geotargeting program are formalized, LRA HR Department will launch the program with the possibility that other divisions in Deloitte will soon follow utilizing the geotargeting strategies (Miller-Merrell, 2017).

Picture 1: The subliminal recruitment messaging ad below is a sample of the geotargeting advertisements on Facebook user news feed:

The post for the Field Consultant positions will include the following elements:

Position: Field Consultant

Location is 100% on the field, a one-month field and office training program is required, where you will learn the Deloitte’s LRA methods and procedures in hospitality consulting. You will work independently with limited supervision after successfully passing the one-month formal training.

· Require a high proficiency in analyzing service audits, develop consistent reports, your reports require strong skills in writing, strong analytic skills to recommend improvements, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, communication skills, be well-versed in the clients’ business model, and conduct quality assurance evaluations in a consistent manner.

· After you become more seasoned, internal promotions will require you to attain more challenging tasks like managing multiple projects, meet with senior management more often, and be the point of contact to your clients.


Above-average tier of health insurance, matching health savings account, 401K, Stock Options, long-term and short-term disability insurance, basic life insurance of $10K, additional life insurance of up to $125K, Employee Assistance Program, and competitive pay.


· Have a degree in Hospitality Management, English, Communications, or Business Management, but a hospitality degree is preferred or two to three years of experience in hospitality management.

· Valid passport and driver’s license

· Reside near an international airport

Sources: (“Consultant Position”, n.d.) & (“Customer Experience Measurement”, n.d.)

LRA HR Department is currently ahead of many companies when it comes to recruiting. For example, Deloitte’s website allows candidates to apply for a position with a couple of clicks of the button. They accept resumes on their website via Dropbox, Linkedin, Google Drive, or simply by uploading a CV/resume; many other companies require applicants to create an account, fill in the profile and resume information which is tedious and time-consuming. The LRA HR Department is laying the foundation to test and validate the geotargeting standard operation procedure for the entire HR Departments in Deloitte. They are planning to optimize their recruiting practices by creating an HR subliminal marketing plan in the mainstream social media, with the assistance from a marketing consultant). Using subtle advertisements via social media is today’s mainstream corporate recruitment practices.


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Source: True North Custom

Waseem D. Ezzie

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Waseem D. Ezzie

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