Welcome to our Medium page !

Welcome to Wassa Medium page !

A proud member of the French tech network, Wassa is an innovative digital company focused on high added value solutions. We are experts in Mobile and Web development since our creation back in 2011. Wassa also thrives in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Our story

When we created Wassa, we needed to find an area that would reflect our ambitions. That’s why we chose to be based in Boulogne Billancourt, right next to Paris. As a dynamic tech area, it was the perfect fit for us. It all started with Fred and John who co-founded this fast growing company. Nowadays, we recruit many new kinds of profiles (almost) every day to keep up with the pace.

Two years ago, we even opened our first sales office in Hong Kong to grow our business in Asia.

As part of our incredible expansion, we became willing to share our experiences with you because SHARE TO LEARN is one of the values the closest to our hearts!

Our mission

Wassa harbors a variety of skills, it is structured around two departments: the Innovation Lab and the Digital Agency.

The Innovation Lab focuses on Computer Vision and Machine Learning solutions. We develop Image Recognition and Facial Identification algorithms from which we create products that use pictures and video streams. We collect information and data to provide services that will best suit our customers’ needs.

Our Digital Agency is an expert in Mobile and Web Technologies. We help our customers with their project development and provide services on demand. We work on mobile and and web apps with an expertise regarding indoor location and high-quality 3D maps.

We want to make a difference! We CHALLENGE AND INNOVATE to provide a new kind of services, improve user experiences and keep up with tech innovation.

Why start writing a blog ?

Wassa has worked on many projects over the years. Thanks to our two departments, we have faced and overcome many different issues. We want to interact with you and share our feedback to answer these questions:

  • Why did we choose this technology over another ?
  • What difficulties did we encounter?
  • How did we solve our technical issues ?

This blog will also keep you updated on Wassa’s upcoming events.

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