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LinkedIn DEI Training: Discover, Design, and Assign

Anti-racism is not a destination, but a journey. Washington state government is fortunate to have dedicated resources that support building a more inclusive and just community. From the recent founding of the Washington State Office of Equity to the creation of a statewide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training curriculum for state employees, there are more opportunities than ever for us to learn and better serve all Washingtonians.

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An important tool to meet workforce DEI learning needs is self-paced online learning, which LinkedIn Learning provides. Here are a few DEI Learning Pathways they offer:

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn Learning, here’s how it works:

DES partners with LinkedIn Learning to offer individual licenses at a 90% discount. Once licenses are purchased through DES, your organization’s learning and development staff can use the LinkedIn admin portal to discover, design, and assign self-paced DEI content to employees as part of a comprehensive approach to growing DEI skills and awareness.

LinkedIn Learning administrators can create custom content called a “learning path” or a “learning collection.” Learning paths will indicate a specific series of courses and videos that you’d like your learners to take in sequence, while collections are a group of courses or videos that do not have a particular order. Or, administrators can simply choose individual DEI LinkedIn learning resources to share with their teams.

Got questions? Contact us at deslinkedinlearning@des.wa.gov We’d love to discuss with you how LinkedIn Learning licenses can support your organization’s 2022 DEI learning strategy. If you are an interested employee or supervisor, please reach out to your organization’s human resources representative or training manager to learn more. Happy learning!

Justin Hahn
Justin Hahn, Learning Solutions Operations Manager

Justin Hahn is the Learning Solutions Operations Manager at the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). The Learning Solutions team provides high-quality, cost competitive training and development options for state agency employees and other non-profit customers. Contact him today at Justin.hahn@des.wa.gov.



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