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Enterprise Facilitator Credentialing: Competencies into Capabilities

How can a facilitator be successful as they move from one agency to another? What competencies should an enterprise facilitator have? What would a credential process for an enterprise facilitator look like? These questions sparked a lively discussion at a Training Managers meeting in 2019. A subgroup formed later that year to investigate these questions further.

Work group members collaborate, seated in a circle.

The subgroup’s goal is to recommend an enterprise facilitator credential process. The original subgroup reviewed a large number of train-the-trainer programs. They also examined various competency models. The goal was to identify a core set of competencies for facilitators. The subgroup identified 18 core competencies. These competencies could serve as foundational knowledge, skills and abilities for all facilitators.

The subgroup’s work paused in 2020 due to the pandemic. The members reconvened in mid-2021 and began by reviewing the 18 recommended competencies. Members also reviewed the Training Delivery Capability Model from the Association for Talent Development (ATD). The goal was validation of the original 18 recommended competencies. The subgroup then developed a document of core facilitator knowledge. This document combines the original competencies and the ATD Capability Model.

Subgroup members are currently working to refine the enterprise facilitator credentialing process recommendations. This work includes:

  • Recommended credential process outline.
  • Facilitator knowledge rubric. This rubric outlines recommended knowledge demonstrated at various stages of training. This tool would be used to credential facilitators.
  • Consultation on the model and approach with the Training Managers group.

The goal of this work is to create a facilitator credential process that validates achievement of foundational knowledge and core competencies. We thank the following subgroup members for their efforts and contributions: Imelda Ang (LNI), Marika Barto (OMWBE), Tia Bertrand (ATG), Larry Delgado (DES), Derek Trubia (DSHS-ALTSA), Earl Williams (ESD), and Pat Seigler (DES).

The subgroup will present their recommendations at the next Training Managers meeting. Feedback received at this meeting will inform next steps in the development of an enterprise facilitator credential.

Patrick Seigler.
Patrick Seigler

Patrick Seigler is the Washington State Leadership Development and eLearning Programs Manager for the Department of Enterprise Services. He is the former Director of the Employment Security Department’s Training Academy. Pat also worked as the Human Resource and Strategic Development Manager for the Economic Services Administration (ESA) of DSHS. He is a former faculty member at Pacific Lutheran University and taught at the University of Alabama and Stillman College. He has professional experience in eLearning development, LMS administration and management, and leadership development.



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