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Boost Mental Health: Learn Something New

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It’s been a tough year. Wait, it’s been a tough nearly two years! I am a highly introverted individual and someone who lives with depression. I can easily get overwhelmed and fall into the habit of withdrawing. The thought of participating in an extra task that takes up more energy I don’t have to give is laughable.

Knowing that about myself, I decided to try something different over the past few months. I gave myself gentle nudges, leaning out of that habit zone, and into learning opportunities. I’ll admit there was a small part of me that hoped my plan would fail. Instead, I found it to be an incredibly helpful boost, and dare-I-say energizing at times. Taking time to introduce a new perspective or learning moment or remind myself of practices I already knew, helped to awaken me in much needed ways. I found that taking my own steps in support of my personal well-being was somehow more rewarding than relying on external advice from others. It could have been reading an article from a trusted source, doing an activity from SmartHealth (check out the Spotlight SmartHealth article in this issue), or exploring a new topic on LinkedIn Learning. I’m energized having acted on my own, which in turn feeds my motivation and capabilities.

I found that continuing to engage in learning was a constructive way to support my mental health and well-being during these challenging times. So, I have begun a new practice of building an hour a week into my schedule so I can explore a learning opportunity and keep myself engaged.

Here are some LinkedIn Learning courses I have taken recently that might interest you:

Bonus Shameless Plug — DES Workforce Learning & Performance has some new courses in the Well-being genre that you should see added to the calendar in a few weeks. Keep your eyes out for a notice advertising those!

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Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter is the Analytics & Initiatives Manager on the Workforce Support and Development team at the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). Contact her today at Jennifer.carter@des.wa.gov.




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