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We Are DES: Meet Allison Mattson

​This is the first story in our new featured story series “We Are DES.” These stories will introduce you to an individual at DES and the work they do to help fulfill the DES mission — you’ll also learn some fun details about how they spend time outside of work.

Name: Allison Mattson

Division: Communications

Job title: Content Specialist

What year did you start at DES? 2020

What year did you begin working for Washington state? 2020

In two sentences or less, describe what you do at DES. I support the Communications division with content development and strategic communications planning, including managing DES’ social media channels.

How do you believe your role supports the DES mission of strengthening the business of government? I help employees at DES better connect with their customers by rolling out new products our division puts together for the agency — such as the email signature block and new PowerPoint template. I also directly connect our customers to important updates and service opportunities by writing content for our social media channels and email updates.

In what ways do you experience DES values in your everyday work? (respect; integrity; excellence; diversity, equity & inclusion) I try to respect the beliefs of others at DES and provide grace toward those who are coming from a different place than me — whether that difference is political, religious, or other — doing my best to love my neighbor through both speaking truth and extending compassion.

What did you do before working at DES? Before DES, I worked for an advertising agency in Tacoma. It was fast-paced but a lot of fun! Crazy fact: I had to keep track of how I spent my time in 15-minute increments. Bathroom breaks? I had to record those!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I love writing! Last year I wrote a non-fiction book and in 2022 my goal is to find an agent to represent me to a publishing house. I also love modern calligraphy and snowshoeing with my husband.

What is a fun fact about you? I love reading, particularly books related to my faith and how it intersects with culture. Between Audible and physical books, I’m usually reading about five books. Currently on my nightstand: Harry Potter, The Nightingale, The Reason for God, Fault Lines and The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness.



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