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We Are DES: Meet Antoinette Wynne, C&P

Name: Antoinette Wynne
Division: Contracts & Procurement
Job title: Language Access Analyst
What year did you start at DES? 2020
What year did you begin working for Washington state? 2020

In two sentences or less, describe what you do at DES.
I manage the language access statewide contracts for authorized purchasers within the state of Washington. Language access analyst is DES’ organization lead for language assistance efforts and oversees the language access program.

How do you believe your role supports the DES mission of strengthening the business of government?
Senate Bill 6245 calls for change in how Washington state agencies procure interpreter services. It requires DES to create a procurement model that can be used by all eligible purchasers by directly contracting through scheduling and coordinating entities or interpreters or both. The bill also calls for the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services to be provided through a single entity/vendor.

In what ways do you experience DES values in your everyday work? (respect; integrity; excellence; diversity, equity & inclusion)
In my experience, DES’ values are truly shown within my interactions with my colleagues and within the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) community I work with every day. They show respect, integrity and excellence, including diversity, equity and inclusion.

What did you do before working at DES?
Before coming to DES, I worked for the City of San Diego Public Works contracting department. I started my career in contract management in 2008 as a contracts associate and worked my way to a contract specialist, where I found contract management came naturally to me. I don’t find my work to be a “job.” It’s a passion and long-term career.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Originally being from San Diego, I loved being outside in the sun. I also enjoyed adventures at the beach and enjoying local attractions such as SeaWorld, the zoo, the wild animal park and Belmont Park.

Since coming to Washington, I have not had the opportunity to fully experience this state, since when I arrived in February 2020, we have been indoors due to the pandemic and welcoming my son in October 2020. For now, spending quality time with my son and watching him grow is my joy outside of work.



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We strengthen the business of government.