After Floods: How We Perform Flood Damage Waste Clearance Services

Floods are natural disasters that are caused by heavy rainfall, river overflow or strong winds in the coastal areas. They are one of the most devastating life events that has a major effect on the livelihood of the people who are affected. Floods leave behind a lot of mess and debris that is very difficult to manage. 
After the flooding has subsided, it is important for the people living in that area to clean up rapidly to avoid the occurrence of waterborne diseases.

Flooding has been and continues to become more of problem in the UK. London is at a major risk zone when it comes to flood-prone areas. Not just London, but Wales is also one of the most flood-affected areas in the UK.

Floods cause huge damage to life and property. They destroy personal possessions and create a large mess.

Damage to property by floods is hard to recover from, people have to take certain specific steps to make everything right again.

Waste is the major problem when floods occur. It is necessary to dispose of tons of waste to avoid deadly diseases that can result in serious negative effects on health. Disease like Shigellosis, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis, Typhoid Fever, Malaria and Dengue fever are spread by contaminated water, some not so in the UK but it gives you an idea of the potential issues.

If an area is affected by a flood recently, residents and councils need make sure that they undertake the proper measures for effective and swift waste clearance. To help you with this, there are some good waste disposal companies in the UK that can offer you professional and cost effective waste clearance services.

The Waste Disposal Hub’s guide when it comes to clearing out waste from residential and commercial areas:

There are many steps that you ought to follow to save yourself from the after-effects of the floods.

The following to-do list that one should follow to keep yourselves safe during times of the flood.

First thing’s first: SAFETY

Do not leave the house during a flood. It is better to stay indoors than to go out in the water. Make sure you distance yourself from the flood water, especially fast flowing water, water as shallow as a couple of inches could sweep you off your feet and into more dangerous areas.

If you have weathered the storm and the weather seems to be better, call a waste disposal company to get rid of the mess that has been created inside and outside your property.

Many injuries are reported every year when people try to remove the waste without taking precautions. Before you start cleaning up, make sure you are adequately protected.

In case you decide to clean up the rubbish yourself, use safety wears like:

  • Good quality Gloves
  • Gum boots
  • Eye wear
  • Protective clothes
  • Face masks

Put all the hazardous and non hazardous waste separately. 
Make sure not to come in contact with the toxic waste. Wait for the authorities or waste disposal team to arrive and take away the waste from your place.

Dealing with Hazardous Waste

Toxic waste should not be removed by yourself as they require more precaution. This can be dangerous. Consult the council or waste disposal services to remove such waste from your home and driveway. Do not come in contact with vehicular fluids (engine oil, break oil, steering fluids etc.) and other households like garden chemicals, antifreeze or gas bottles. Waste disposal team will dispose off this waste in proper recycling or disposing centres.

This includes :

  • Vehicular fluids
  • Garden chemicals
  • Household cleaning products
  • Medicines
  • Paints
  • Acids
  • Batteries
  • Antifreeze
  • Removing food waste

Remember, none of the food items are not to be consumed by you. If recycling collection cycle is available in your area, hand over the food items to the collection team. If not, put the food items away in labelled bins so that no one consumes them by mistake.

Double bag the fruits and vegetables and put them in the recyclable waste bin.

Wear gloves when you remove the food waste and take extra precaution when coming in contact with the food that has come in contact with the flood water.

Always remember to:

  • Wear gloves
  • Double bag food waste
  • Put the food items in recycle bins
  • Wash hands thoroughly and use sanitizer

Dead Animals

If you find dead animals in your garden, contact the waste disposal services immediately. You may put small animals like birds, squirrels, mouse or rabbit in refuse bags. But, for bigger animals like dogs or a fox, do not come in direct contact with the dead bodies and call the waste disposal services.

If the casualty is on your farm, you can seek help from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency.


Sandbagging is done to avoid water from entering the residential area. Once the level of water comes down, you can remove the sandbags. Now, the layer of the sandbags which are clean can be kept for future use. However, if the sandbags have been in contact with the flood water, it should be disposed off to avoid contamination.

Do not worry about the sandbags on the roads and public areas as government council will take care of it. For the sandbags in your place, you can remove them and collect them at a place outside your compound. Waste disposal authorities will take them away.

Wear gloves while handling sandbags that have come in contact with the flood water. They can cause rashes and other skin and health problems. Handle sandbags with caution to avoid such hazard.


People affected by the consequences of flood must check with their insurance company to help them manage waste. If you are insured, the companies themselves help you out with the complete process. However, if you have not applied for any type of insurance, in such situations, you can directly call a flood clearance company to dispose off the waste at the right place.

Waste Disposal Hub is your ultimate guide in this difficult situation. We give you a list of best waste disposal companies, working in your area so that you have a sense of relief during the difficult times. Get in touch with us to learn about our services that will help you in getting rid of rubbish effectively.